Women, Exercise & Metabolism #CC177
Article Included

Many of our female clients erroneously believe they can starve themselves into weight loss, but they are setting themselves up for failure. This comprehensive article gives you the facts and figures you need to help your female client learn that successful long-term weight loss is determined by their ability to reset their basal metabolic rate (BMR) with exercise. The article is filled with real world tips and pointers, including an explanation of why weight loss is even harder after menopause, and why lifting weight can be more effective for weight loss than traditional cardio training. PLEASE NOTE: this program includes an article and a test only, both of which will be emailed to you instantly. There is no book: the price includes a 6000 word article and a 40 question test. Free instant grading included.

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0.20 ACE
2.00 ACSM
2.00 AEA / AF
2.00 BOC Cat A
2.00 CDR
0.20 CSCS
2.00 FAI
2.00 IFPA
2.00 ISSA
0.20 NCCPT
0.40 NFPT
Women, Exercise & Metabolism
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Price: $25.00
(Includes hard copy of book, eTest and free instant grading.)