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2020 Vision: The Future of Fitness
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Andrea from Teaneck Township, NJ
Guy never disappoints. Great information, interesting topics, new exercise ideas. Always enjoys his workshops!!! Andrea
Jennifer from Glen Rock, Ne
Presenter was very knowledgeable and the course was fun. Will definitely do more sessions like these.
michael from bloomington, IN
I totally enjoyed the workshop. The instructor was well prepared and knew his material
Andy from Bronx, Ny
Guy hit it out of the park on this one
Karen from Santa Fe, NM
Loved this update! Steve did a great job, and I was able to take home lots of new ideas. I've been attending Exercise Etc. workshops for over 20 years in WA - particularly the last several years at the Courtyard Marriott in Bellevue. I recently retired after 23 years at the Bellevue YMCA and moved to Santa Fe, NM. I am teaching a few classes here. I attended Guy's classes at the FAI Summit in ABQ in June. I want to say that you all (particularly Steve and Guy) have had a hugely positive influence on my 30+ year career in fitness. And to that, I would add: THANK YOU so much for your wonderful, practical, continuing education from live workshops to webinars to correspondence courses, all well-priced, too. You guys are the best!
Tim from Rockaway Beach , OR
I have been a trainer for the last six years and have taken class with this instructor before. He does a great job.
wendy from collierville, tn
Yesterday's workshop was so much fun, interesting and informative. You can never go wrong with that instructor! He's fabulous and a wealth of knowledge with a bit of humor tucked in to the day. The day zoomed by and the interaction with partners and activities was a perfect companion to the information. Hip hip hooray!
Linda from New Berlin, WI
I have been to several of his workshops and he is the one I am always happy to see because he is knowledgeable and makes info fun to learn and I always come away with things I can pass on to my classes
Mariah from Seattle , WA
I expected to be overwhelmed by 8 hours of intensity. The program was so engaging, overwhelm never happened!
Barb from Highlands Ranch, CO
Guy does a fantastic job of presenting the material in an easy to follow format. I always look forward to an Exercise Etc. presentation.
Carol from Lake Orion, MI
Guy was personable, professional yet accessible, entertaining, gave clear and precise instructions, added humor to the learning process, and was open to any questions and discussion. I will definitely take his workshop in March 2020 when he returns to the greater Detroit area! (I wish he was MY personal trainer!)
Barbara from washington, mi
Thanks - always get my CEC's from Exercise Etc
todd from birmingham, mi
Guy Andrews is the best!
Kakeyta from Southfield, MI
Guy was informative and professional. Great Job Thank you
Beth from Ann Arbor, Mi
Guy was great !
Laura from Mason, OH
Guy Andrews gave us some great info - very usable immediately! Grateful I had the opportunity to attend.
Maria Petronella Johanna from houston, TX
I liked the interactive style . Got a lot of new ideas
Marjie from Cincinnati, OH
Guy is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and humorous!
Jill from Delaware , Oh
Excellent! Havent been able to make these seminars for awhile and it was very inspiring! Great new ideas!
Enid from Jacksonville , FL
Great course, the group exercises were outstanding!
Harold from Houston, TX
It held my interest at all times. His little humor here and there added to it, making it a fun learning experience!
Celene from DeLand , Fl
Guy (speaker) was AWESOME. Very knowledgeable, informative, updated on all the material and his stories were very interesting. Yes, I did enjoy the participation of the exercises in the workshop because the mind can only endure what the fanny can. The stories made you think about the realness about the individual. I
Marcia from Vero Beach, FL
I always enjoy Guy's presentation. His knowledge and delivery is easy for all those present from first year Trainer to seasoned Trainers.
Rachel from Orlando, FL
It was very valuable and I'm glad I went. Guy Andrews is a great instructor.
Mary from Waxhaw, NC
Guy Andrews was great! Very knowledgeable, well spoken, easy to follow - great energy!
Beth from Waxhaw, NC
I always look forward to Guy Andrews coming to Charlotte, NC! So informative and current! Great topics, and he is a top-notch presenter.
Angela from Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Loved it and learned a lot. Wish you had some closer workshops. The area has grown a lot and we need you here in mYrtle Beach or Wilmington
Jennifer L from Aurora, IL
Guy is an amazing instructor with a lot of experience, knowledge, and he is a lot of fun to learn from!
donna from palos hills, il
Guy is a great teacher and a great person. i love Exercise Etc.Inc. group.
Sian from Schaumburg, IL
Always enjoy your courses Guy. They are convenient and affordable and I am always inspired, encouraged and affirmed. I always come away with some new nuggets as well as being reminded of foundational exercise too. ...being in a PT clinic the research base is key for me. Your presentations are a great balance of information, anecdotes and practical demonstration. Look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Kristin from Chicago, IL
Guy was an incredible instructor! I will definitely take a class again

Brains & Balance Past 60™, 2021
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Lamees from Malvern, PA
Guy is a great educator and engaging instructor!
Cheron from Mount Vernon , Ne
Always amazing Workshops. Hope we can continue in the Future. Be safe
Cheron from Mount Vernon , Ne
Always amazing Workshops. Hope we can continue in the Future. Be safe
Shelley from Castroville, CA
Steve is such a great instructor. I always come away with lots of new tools in my belt.
Adelina from Newtown, PA
Excellent instruction. Excellent workshop material and information. Would come back to another workshop.
Marilyn from Drexel Hill, Pa
The 9 hour course was informative and fun! I came away with some great new ideas for my Vestibular/Balance class. Guy Andrews is one of the best instructors I've had in my 30 year fitness/PTA career. I'm hoping the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Assoc. will accept these CEU's for the renewal of my PTA license, and also the Registered Yoga Teachers Association.
Bobbie from Avlaon, PA
April was AWESOME! Very knowledgeable, personable, energetic, a great presenter. She kept things moving along while keeping the participants engaged. The Pittsburgh area LOVES when ExerciseEtc comes to town. Thanks for always bringing up to date topics to the area!
Jocelyn from Saylorsburg, PA
This course offered lots of good information, and Guy Andrews did an amazing job presenting and demonstrating! Students were well engaged.
Frank from Pittsburgh, PA
April Boulter did an excellent job.
Lori from Easton, MD
This was a very good course for me. I work with the 65 and older population in a retirement community. They love to have fun but also need to be challenged. They are tired of the traditional strength programs - so this format should work very well for them.
Donald from Evans City, Pa
April as always was professional and organized while making it fun and engaging. The best🏋️
Karel from Teaneck, NJ
Always love these classes. I never am bored! Always learn a lot, too!
katharine from bronx, ny
Guy Andrews is an awesome instructor, both highly knowledgable and entertaining as well. I always learn new things from him. The workshops were full of useful ideas, many of which I will use immediately with my clients.
Demetra from Jackson Heights, NY
Susanne from Manhasset, Ny
Exceptional passionate speaker, very knowledgeable and engaging. Loved this workshop.
terry from great neck, ny
Actually i have been attending wit Guy Andrew for about 10 years, I alway look forward going to his Webinar
Judith from NYC, NY
In my 28th year of teaching & training. Guy is brilliant! I hated to even go to the bathroom because I knew I would be missing some gem of information. This workshop was priceless for me. I started using what I learned right away. Thank you!!!!!
Leigh from Southampton, NY
Always such excellent information. Guy is one of the very best speakers in the entire industry
Judy from Staten Isl, NY
The coarse was well organized and presented fabulously. It was a fun seminar. I found it to be very interesting. I wish there was more exercises a person could do if they have a severe balance problems.
paige from white plains, ny
This workshop was very informative I liked all the research
aurea from middletown, ny
Guy was excellent. Third year taking his sessions. Will return if he instructs next continuing ed.
May M from Middletown , NY
Third time attending Guy's sessions. He is excellent and passionate, knowledgeable and adds a natural humor entertainment and also has a dedicated seriousness with important factors.
iona from ny, ny
I thoroughly enjoyed the day I spent in the Brains and Balance Workshop. Guy presented the materials with aplomb. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to my fellow instructors and colleagues in a New York minute.
Karen from New York City, NY
Guy presented an inspiring program that was entertaining and informative with just the right balance of interactive participation and evidence-supported research. I highly recommend this program to trainers of all ages.
Lorraine from Pineville, NC
Eventhough, I have taken this course before, I am still able to take way valuable useful information that helps me continue to grow as and instructor.
beth from fayetteville, nc
Perfect mix of lecture and hands-on demos. Guy Andrews is well prepared with the research but does not bore you to tears, he is experienced and moves through the information in a clear and fun manner.
Caroline from Landrum, SC
Great information that I can start using immediately. Loved the course.
Jessica from Burlington , NC
Enjoyed Guy's talk and was able to bring back a lot of good tips to my group and coworkers
Brenda Fran from Charlotte, NC
The program went way past my expectations. We were learning, laughing and having fun all at the same time. Guy is a wonderful instructor and has so much knowledge to share. He lives this course , works in this field and shares his experiences with us. Thank you Guy. Can't wait to take more workshops with you .
A course like this has any number of ways that it can be taught...and considering it runs 8 hours there is always the potential that it can lag, get monotonous, be a weary some task... However, the instructor, Guy Andrews, was beyond exceptional in all ways, manner, and form!!! The material was timely and presented in an orderly and easy to understood fashion that Mr. Andrews kept interesting and engaging by sharing stories of his own experiences with seniors, having the class do many of the actual exercises, mental and physical, that he uses with seniors, and letting the class ask questions or comment at will. He is a master craftsman as a teacher and I was so fortunate to get to experience him with these classes!!!!
Lynne from Asheville , NC
OMG I cannot adequately express how much I enjoy and, more importantly, benefit professionally from attending Guy Andrew's live workshops. The content is insightful, relevant, well researched and current, the delivery organized to coherently build a concept, and perfectly sprinkled with wry and empathic bits of humor. The near continuous opportunities for experientially embodying the material, including a plethora of modifications and variations, engagingly fill the day with both physical and intellectual vigor. Guy is a master of classroom time management, covering all the course materials well in the time allotted, yet gracefully invites questioning from the workshop participants which he thoughtfully engages. I easily acquire a year's worth of fun, yet challenging and spot -on needed material for my clients. Enough to keep my teaching fresh until the next time I have the privilege of attending one of Guy's awesome workshops!
Lorraine from Chapel Hill , NC
Guy Andrews always presents a well versed program that offers instructors and other professionals the knowledge and skills necessary and applicable to those we serve. I wish he could present in the Charlotte area more often!
Patricia from Charlotte , NC
Guy Andrews is an outstanding Presenter! He always makes the presentations creative, fun, and applicable to the population we are serving. I only hope he will visit the Charlotte venue more than 2 times a year.
Vicki from Fort Myers, FL
This whole program was outstanding, teacher was very knowledgeable and entertaining. He presented tons of great, usable information in a well-organized manner, which was efficient and did not waste time. Loved it!
Nancy from Ft Myers, FL
I have repeated this course a few times and am so glad! Guy's information is always current and very inspiring! Thank you!
wendy from east olympia, wa
Steve always presents a great workshop.
judy from Castle Hayne, NC
Guy was terrific!
Riannan from Punta Gorda, FL
Very informative and I love how interactive it was
Regina from boca raton, FL
Guy never dissapoints!! Fantastic teacher an amazing speaker and I always feel inspired after taking his classes. I drove from Boca Raton because it's always worth it!
Paula from naples, fl
Wonderful teacher and content.
David from Desoto, Tx
Great workshop! Guy did a wonderful job in presenting the information.
Kevin from Fort Myers , Fl
Awesome workshop! Guy Andrews always gives great workshops. Thanks for coming to Fort Myers and making my travel easier.
KATHLEEN from Fort Myers, FL
Guy is always a dynamic, knowledgeable and engaging instructor. My friend who is a PT also attended with me and she thought the same. She also found the info presented was excellent.
Laura from Sarasota, FL
Exceeded my expectations...I will definitely be doing more workshops with Guy!!
Ann from Naples, FL
Guy Andrews is great! Enjoyed the day very much and very informative. I will use this information daily!
Cassandra from Cape Coral, FL
AWESOME course!!!!! I enjoyed every bit of it! Already using info that i obtained in my work environment.
Joan from naples, fl
Excellent job Guy
Jane from Venice, Fl
Instructor was great. Knew his material. Provided many options. Very interactive.
Luanne from Bonita Springs, FL
Guy does a very thorough class. I work in a private country club setting, some of the activities would not suit our members but good information to incorporate in daily workouts for clients. A lot of things to remind people about too!
Deborah from Fort Myers , Fl
Guy did a great job ! Such great, creative material!
Linda from Lake Oswego, Or
Spectacular! Steve is an awesome presenter.
Carolyn from Madras, OR
Steve does an amazing job...excellent presenter!!
Kenneth from Eugene, OR
I always enjoy getting instruction from Steve.
Susan from Portland, OR
Steve passes on his knowledge of working with Seniors in fun & carefree way. Many times we had an "ah-ha" moment in, "Why didn't I think of doing that in my class?" We had a fun time going thru the unique ways to keep seniors active. We laughed! I'm going to use some of this when my sisters & I go on vacation this summer: 4 gals ages 65 - 71. We love games! Tanks for sharing your time & talent with us in Portland, OR!
Linda from Portland, OR
Instructors knowledge of the material was academic as well as personal. His experience in the material presented was paramount to who he is as an instructor. Attending other classes, if offered, would be on my list. Thank you for one of the best seminars I've attended.
Laurie from Redmond, OR
Great classes! Very applicable information!
Korri from Vancouver, WA
Steve Bannerot was very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job with his presentation. The workshop was fun, engaging, informative, productive and inspiring. Steve fostered a very warm and welcoming atmosphere and I felt very comfortable with participating in the activities and also asking questions. He is very personable, humble, knowledgeable, professional and kind. You can tell he really enjoys what he teaches, it shines throughout his presentation. The course materials were exactly what I expected, it was paced just right, and it ended on time. It was a wonderful workshop!
GUSTAVO from West New York, NJ
Thank you Guy for sharing your knowledge!
Rich from Rockaway, nj
Guy is always a great presenter.
Barbara from Long Branch, Ne
Guy always presents a comprehensive. interesting conference. He does his best to get everyone involved and moving. The classes move along at a speedy pace leaving enough time for questions and comments.
Eddye from Edison, NJ
This was one of the best trainings I have had from your organization. The instructor was GREAT! The classes are a big help for those of us teaching senior fitness classes.
Rob from Fanwood, NJ
Attended senior strength training in February, got so much from it I came back and brought a friend.
Regina from Westfield, NJ
Guy is a very good presenter. I have taken several trainings from him over the years and have always been very satisfied. thank you!
Karen from Mountainside, NJ
guy andrews is always informative and an excellent presenter
Ellen from Wyckoff, NJ
Love this program and have attended several as well as home study courses. All presenters are good, but Guy is my favorite....How do you remember all the the clients names and ages???? very impressive
Ken from Oakland, CA
I learned a great deal of information that I can use directly with clients. Also gained understanding of senior physicality and brain development.
Denise from San Jose, Ca
Steve is an awesome, amazing, passionate teacher. He is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. Enjoy him every time I take one of his courses:)
carolynne from San Ramon, ca
Venue was acceptable to me as I brought my own lunch. But not a lot offered for those who did not. Facility was clean and comfortable. Steve is GREAT presenter.
Shannon from Aptos, Ca
You're courses are always great and Steve makes them even better!
Gretchen from Madison, WI
Great program, and the material was very well presented. I highly recommend.
Deb from Madison, WI
Guy did an awesome job Learn lots Enjoyed the materials Guy should do a video/CD It would sell!!!!
Nick from Sheboygan, Wi
Guy Andrews is clearly passionate about this topic. I learned a ton from his program.
Linda from New Berlin, WI
Guy was a very good instructor with a lot of experience and knowledge with just the right amount of humor. I was sorry I only signed up for the first 2.
Carol from Big Bend, WI
Thanks, Guy! Great presentations and lots of new material.
Kevin from Madison, WI
This was an excellent program! I highly recommend the Brains & Balance Past 60 (TM) program, and taking a course from Guy!
Christina from EAST TROY, WI
The instructor was extremely knowledgable and I learned so much! I cant wait to bring all of the information back to my students.
One of the best courses I have ever seen concerning older adult clients. I strongly recommend for any trainers who deal extensively with older adults.
Maya from Albany, GA
I really enjoyed the Brains & Balance Past 60 training program. Reggie was fun, very well spoken, and knowledgeable about the different topics covered. Overall, the class was educational yet fun!
Sharrell from Atlanta, Ge
I learned a lot and I'm very happy that I was able to attend this. Reggie is really great!
Kathleen from Stone Mountain, GA
Really appreciated having opportunity to experience some of the activities. Also, the class helped me think about the ability level of the client I am most likely to work with.
Tyler from Renton, WA
Thank you Steve, great Seminar!
Eileen from Bainbridge Island, WA
Excellent program material as always! Steve Bannerot is a great instructor.
Kristina from ISSAQUAH, WA
This was a great course - the time never drags when Steve Bannerot is the instructor. He is very knowledgeable on many health-related topics, and he always gives plenty of opportunities to get up off your chair if you want to!
Vickie from Kirkland, WA
Steve is always prepared with the most up to date science on the subject that he is teaching. I love his humor, the material is easy to recall later when needed. I found the information very relevant and started using it with my first client on Monday morning.
Beverly from San Pedro, Ca
Time well spent. Fun, educational and motivates me as an instructor to bring on the energy the students love.!
Kimberly from Burbank, CA
Guy is always wonderful! He is very knowledgable and fun to listen to. Thank you for another wonderful workshop.
Kathleen from Elyria, OH
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions during your presentation.
Lisa from Temecula, CA
Guy provided a fabulous hands-on, interactive program. He is very knowledgeable and addressed all questions completely. I loved his group activities, and left with tons of new ideas for my clients!
Diane from Calabasas, CA
This was my first live workshop and to my surprise, it was much better than I thought it would be. Guy is an excellent instructor
Jan from Lomita, ca
Guy's presentation was just fantastic! It was exactly what I was looking for, and he was able to thoroughly answer everyone's questions!
Bruce from Springfield, Fl
Guy was at his best, as always . Great content
Rebecca from Newport Bch, CA
Guy was amazing! Thanks so much!
Bill from Torrance, CA
Outstanding course. I learned a lot.
Rod from Temecula, Ca
Guy is a great instructor. This is my 5th time with him
Carol from El Segundo, CA
Excellent instructor! Loved the interactive portions.
Loretta from Huron, OH
Liked the instructor, it moved right along and he answered questions without seeming hurried.
Doreen from Broadview Hts., OH
Reggie was upbeat and happy. He made the class and materials very enjoyable.
Laureen from Copley, Oh
One of the best live courses I've taken ! Reggie Porter was EXTREMELY knowledgeable, made the class very interactive and fun!
William from Mayfield, OH
Well organized, great speaker, fun/interesting, VERY USEFUL time well spent.
Terry from Great Neck, NY
I wiil Always recommend other people to take a Live workshop w/ GUY
Sarah from Carmel, NY
Thoroughly enjoyable and interactive. Solid practical information that I will definitely use.
Demetra from Jackson Heights, NY
Wonderful and concise information that was extremely well-delivered - its not easy to hold a groups attention for 8 hours on a saturday but you did it and made it fun for us! Thank you and keep ding what you're doing!
Debora from Winter park, Fl
Guy was fabulous!
Lenore from New York, NY
Lots of new material and things to follow up on i.e. new trends, latest recommendations, book reference. Stories with examples from Guy's experiences with clients are very helpful
Lisa from Lindenhurst, NY
Guy is! awesome! He is funny, smart & knowledgeable - I will definitely be taking more classes with him in the future!
Cynthia from Fairfax Station, Va
Great workshop-the instructor was knowledgeable and entertaining
Jennifer from Clinton, MD
Guy Andrews is a phenomenal instructor...very knowledgeable, engaging, and humorous. LOVE his classes every time he comes to town.
Byron from Poolesville, MD
Great Program! I am currently using the informatin in my classes and with my personal training clients.
Monica from Reisterstown, MD
I appreciated the details and examples used. Well done.
Nancy from Centreville, VA
This course exceeded my expectations. It was very informative, practical and applicable. A good blend of lecture and hands on exercises. The instructor, Guy Andrews was exceptional. Providing up to date stats and trends in Senior demographics ,cognitive decline and cognitive functioning, with intregrated methods of training and communicating with our beloved senior population. I particularly enjoyed is personal examples of how he related and trained his clients. I came home with renewed appreciation of our seniors and tools to help them remain active and sharp.
Marian from Bethesda, MD
Guy Andrews is a motivating instructor. He incorporates his own experiences into the application of the techniques that worked most appropriately with the targeted audience.
patricia from springfield, va
Thank you Guy for an interesting and informative Seminar. 8 hours is a long day, but your wit and using personal experiences and real clients made it real. Thank you!
Wes from Glen Burnie, Md
Guy Andrews was an excellent instructor with a unique combination of wit, knowledge, practical application, education and experience! Great Class!
Debra from Chantilly, Vi
Guy is an amazing speaker! Professional, personable, knowledgeable..organized, you name it, he had it. Love to attend his presentations, can hardly wait until he comes to DC again. Would love to watch him in action in Florida.....perhaps do an internship with him?
Kathleen from Hudson, MA
I loved this course. Guy was great, personable and fun. This course reinforced the methods I am currently using and provided new information to compliment my practice. Really enjoyed the hands on drills in the afternoon that showed everyone needs to improve their balance skills. Thanks for a great workshop!
Dawn from Babbitt Street, MA
I have been an avid attendee of Exercise Etc workshops, when they come to Boston area. I absolutely love Guy Andrews-he is the total package. He is knowledgeable, entertaining and simple great at what he does. I am so glad I attended :) (as always).
Amy from Somerset, Ma
As always, your program was dynamite, and of course Guy Andrews was dynamite as well. Thank you for assisting me in the development of my fitness education. Thank you!
Marcia from Vero Beach, FL
This was my second experience with your group and I was not disappointed. I have already begun to implement much of what I learned. I was also pleased because I convinced one of my associates to attend with me and she was also thrilled with the things she took away. We both plan to attend in the future. A+
sandy from Naples, FL
As I have stated before, Guy Andrews Makes this class fun, therefore, we learn and remember what we learned. I have recommended his classes to all of my associates.
Marsha from Miramar, FL
Guy was awesome! This was my very first time attending this type of workshop. Thank you Guy for your dedication and ability to effectively share and teach all that you have experienced working with the older population. I look forward to teaching my elders what I've learned over the weekend. Many thanks and God bless : )
Silvia from Cape Coral, Fl
I have been taken this workshops like for 6 years with Guy, every time I come back with new information that aloud me to impress my clients and participants in my classes also to gain the respect and the reputation of an knowledgeable professional in the industry so I'm very pleased with the results.
I have used Exercise, ETC for education since 1999. This was my 2nd workshop with Guy Andrews. In addition to being very knowledgeable, he is able to keep the workshop on topic, so that it moves at a good pace. I recommend Exercise, ETC to all of my friends who work in fitness/wellness.
Jason from Royal Palm Beach, FL
Guy was very engaging and knowledgeable. He addressed a wide range of topics whereby I surprisingly ascertained a lot of new information. I really enjoyed taking the course and look forward to taking more in the future. I would like to see more specific instruction on 1-on-1 programs and effective marketing strategies aimed at the baby-boomer demographic. Bravo ExerciseETC!
Nancy from Fort Myers, FL
This is the second time taking this course. Thank you, Guy for keeping it new and fresh!
Matthew from Westminster, Co
Very relevant to my population, TONS of great information and ideas too. Have recommended your programs to others and will continue to attend. THanks so much!
Patty from Littleton, CO
As always, Guy does a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing your passion!
Glen from Denver, CO
Guy Andrews is one of the best instructors/presenters I've ever had. It was a pleasure being in another one of his classes. I've recommended his classes to friends before and I will continue to do so. Thanks for a quality class, once again.
Nadia from West Bloomfield, MI
Steve did an excellent job in communicating and keeping the classes fun! His depth of knowledge on many subjects was quite impressive.
Alexander from Troy, Oh
I feel Guy is a great instructor and plan to attend every course offered that he instructs. My clients love the material he presents taht is making a difference in their lives. Thanks.
Carol from Cincinnati, Oh
Wonderful Saturday spent learning! Guy was awesome! I look forward to more of his live workshops
Megan from West chester , Oh
Guy did an amazing job! For an all day training we were engaged the entire time!
AMANDA from West Chester, OH
What an awesome day. Guy was wonderful and oh so knowledgeable. So much great info. I look forward to the next time he's doing a workshop in town.
Melissa from Bartlett, IL
This program was very informative. The instructor was wonderfully qualified. His demeanor was pleasant, and he used humor to keep it interesting. There was a good amount of participation as well as instruction. I am already using some of the ideas and exercises recommended in the course. Well done!
Sharon from Naperville, IL
Guy is a very good and knowledgeable speaker. His side stories are very funny when needed! He's very entertaining. Guy can explain very complex subjects in simple terms so that anyone can understand and relate.
Michelle from Cropsey, IL
Absolutely loved the course! Guy is a great instructor and has great ideas! Love his compassion for his clients and what he does! Always walk away with fun, new ideas to use! Thank you!
Dawn from Carpentersvil!e, Il
As always Guy Andrews did not disappoint. His knowledge of current industry information is amazing and his workshops are always fun and educational.
Mike from Lake Charlse, La
Guy Andrews was very knowledgeable had a ton of experience working with the elderly
Karin from Portland, Or
Steve Bannerot is always a joy to take classes from. He is well informed and presents the material in an enjoyable manner.
Jill from portland, OR
Teacher was excellent, it was evident that he actually works with this population. So many practical ideas and tips.

Cheap Tricks for Trainers
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Andrea from Teaneck Township, NJ
Guy never disappoints. Great information, interesting topics, new exercise ideas. Always enjoys his workshops!!! Andrea
Jennifer from Glen Rock, Ne
Presenter was very knowledgeable and the course was fun. Will definitely do more sessions like these.
michael from bloomington, IN
I totally enjoyed the workshop. The instructor was well prepared and knew his material
Andy from Bronx, Ny
Guy hit it out of the park on this one
Karen from Santa Fe, NM
Loved this update! Steve did a great job, and I was able to take home lots of new ideas. I've been attending Exercise Etc. workshops for over 20 years in WA - particularly the last several years at the Courtyard Marriott in Bellevue. I recently retired after 23 years at the Bellevue YMCA and moved to Santa Fe, NM. I am teaching a few classes here. I attended Guy's classes at the FAI Summit in ABQ in June. I want to say that you all (particularly Steve and Guy) have had a hugely positive influence on my 30+ year career in fitness. And to that, I would add: THANK YOU so much for your wonderful, practical, continuing education from live workshops to webinars to correspondence courses, all well-priced, too. You guys are the best!
Tim from Rockaway Beach , OR
I have been a trainer for the last six years and have taken class with this instructor before. He does a great job.
wendy from collierville, tn
Yesterday's workshop was so much fun, interesting and informative. You can never go wrong with that instructor! He's fabulous and a wealth of knowledge with a bit of humor tucked in to the day. The day zoomed by and the interaction with partners and activities was a perfect companion to the information. Hip hip hooray!
Linda from New Berlin, WI
I have been to several of his workshops and he is the one I am always happy to see because he is knowledgeable and makes info fun to learn and I always come away with things I can pass on to my classes
Mariah from Seattle , WA
I expected to be overwhelmed by 8 hours of intensity. The program was so engaging, overwhelm never happened!
Barb from Highlands Ranch, CO
Guy does a fantastic job of presenting the material in an easy to follow format. I always look forward to an Exercise Etc. presentation.
Carol from Lake Orion, MI
Guy was personable, professional yet accessible, entertaining, gave clear and precise instructions, added humor to the learning process, and was open to any questions and discussion. I will definitely take his workshop in March 2020 when he returns to the greater Detroit area! (I wish he was MY personal trainer!)
Barbara from washington, mi
Thanks - always get my CEC's from Exercise Etc
todd from birmingham, mi
Guy Andrews is the best!
Kakeyta from Southfield, MI
Guy was informative and professional. Great Job Thank you
Beth from Ann Arbor, Mi
Guy was great !
Laura from Mason, OH
Guy Andrews gave us some great info - very usable immediately! Grateful I had the opportunity to attend.
Maria Petronella Johanna from houston, TX
I liked the interactive style . Got a lot of new ideas
Marjie from Cincinnati, OH
Guy is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and humorous!
Jill from Delaware , Oh
Excellent! Havent been able to make these seminars for awhile and it was very inspiring! Great new ideas!
Enid from Jacksonville , FL
Great course, the group exercises were outstanding!
Harold from Houston, TX
It held my interest at all times. His little humor here and there added to it, making it a fun learning experience!
Celene from DeLand , Fl
Guy (speaker) was AWESOME. Very knowledgeable, informative, updated on all the material and his stories were very interesting. Yes, I did enjoy the participation of the exercises in the workshop because the mind can only endure what the fanny can. The stories made you think about the realness about the individual. I
Marcia from Vero Beach, FL
I always enjoy Guy's presentation. His knowledge and delivery is easy for all those present from first year Trainer to seasoned Trainers.
Rachel from Orlando, FL
It was very valuable and I'm glad I went. Guy Andrews is a great instructor.
Mary from Waxhaw, NC
Guy Andrews was great! Very knowledgeable, well spoken, easy to follow - great energy!
Beth from Waxhaw, NC
I always look forward to Guy Andrews coming to Charlotte, NC! So informative and current! Great topics, and he is a top-notch presenter.
Angela from Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Loved it and learned a lot. Wish you had some closer workshops. The area has grown a lot and we need you here in mYrtle Beach or Wilmington
Jennifer L from Aurora, IL
Guy is an amazing instructor with a lot of experience, knowledge, and he is a lot of fun to learn from!
donna from palos hills, il
Guy is a great teacher and a great person. i love Exercise Etc.Inc. group.
Sian from Schaumburg, IL
Always enjoy your courses Guy. They are convenient and affordable and I am always inspired, encouraged and affirmed. I always come away with some new nuggets as well as being reminded of foundational exercise too. ...being in a PT clinic the research base is key for me. Your presentations are a great balance of information, anecdotes and practical demonstration. Look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Kristin from Chicago, IL
Guy was an incredible instructor! I will definitely take a class again

Exercise for the Aging Baby Boomer
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Lindsey from Houston, Tx
Great information as usual! Guy Andrews is a wonderful presenter! He is very knowledgeable, interesting, and funny. I always look forward to Exercise Etc workshops because I always learn something new. Keep coming to Houston, please!
Roy D. from Richmond, tx
Sue from elk grove village, il
I enjoy attending Guy Andrew's classes. He has an extensive knowledge of the human body.
Sarah from Hibbing, MN
Loved the presenter!
A. Pat from Keyport, NJ
Guy Andrews is an amazing presenter, every workshop that I've attended, where he was a presenter, is bar far the best. He is not only extremely knowledgeable, but always adds an element of fun while also being very effective exercises . I always look forward to any workshops where he is the presenter.
Layne from Santa Rosa , Ca
Guy was great!
Kim from Noblesville, IN
Please continue to offer "live" workshops. They are so much better than doing things on-line or reading an article.
Mary from Carmel, IN
As always, this was a terrific program. I learned a lot, and also was reminded of things I've learned in the past. Thank you.
Margaret from INDIANAPOLIS, IN
Very helpful information. Nice mix of technical and practical materials.
melissa from carmel, in
Guy Andrews has a gift for teaching CE classes. Please keep him coming back. Great job he keeps it interesting and fresh. Melissa
Cheryl from Avon, IN
Guy does a great job of combining real-life examples with hands on exercises. He makes the session go by quickly!
rebecca from manchester, mo
Guy was excellent! Very valuable information
Aubrey from Woodbridge , VA
Guy Andrews is undoubtedly one of the top instructors in the fitness arena. I try to attend his seminars whenever he comes to this area.
Alice from Lynnfield, MA
Our instructor, Guy, was very knowledgeable and held our interest! One day workshops are convenient and time well spent especially when the course information and the instructor are interesting!

Fitness Conference
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Suzette from Rock Hill, SC
Very professional and knowledgable instructors, very helpful, taught to the level of the class, made themselves available for many questions. Did hands on work.
Jody from Harrisburg, NC
Donna K was AMAZING!! Her passion for the human body came through loud and clear and made learning so incredibly fun and entertaining.
jay from charlotte, nc
Reggie & Donna were EXCELLENT instructors as always has been the case over the many years I have been attending the Exercise Etc. classes / seminars. GREAT value !
Debby from Simpsonville, Sc
He was easy to understand and had lots of patience!
Sophia from Skokie, IL
don from sunnyvale, ca
as always, all eight were super... thanks...don
Amy from Dublin, CA
Great information! Learned how to be functionally fit all day long!
Donna from Mount Prospect, IL
This was the first time I did anything like this. I needed to get more CEC's and a friend told me to check out ExerciseETC. I will be back. ExerciseETC rocks.
Donna from Palos Hills, Il
MIKE did a great job
Sharan from Chicago, IL
You could charge so much more for the quality you provide. Every program is GREAT!!!
Neil from Lake Zurich, IL
This program was well worth the cost. The content was well researched and relevant. Both instructors interacted well the participants. I would definitely take classes from Guy and Mike again !
Bill from El Dorado Hills, CA
Great instructor and materials.
Lisa from Glenview , IL
This was my first time taking an Exercise ETC continuing ed course and I thought it was excellent. There were a lot of hands on practical teachings that I found very helpful.
Phyllis from Skikie, Il
Guy Andrews and Mike Deibler were both amazing speakers so much informative information I learned. The 8 hours actually went by very fast because the classes were so interesting
Cheryl from Los Altos, CA
These speakers were extremely knowledgeable and interesting. These classes are a great value for earning CEC's.
Nikki from Sacramento, CA
ETC. always does an amazing job. The instructors are motivating, informative and fun. I love the information on this one. I left feeling motivated and excited to implement some of the new idea. Thanks guys!
Rebecca from Cupertino, CA
I appreciate Steve's teaching style!
Dale from Mountainview, CA
I have been attending Exercise ETC, CEC workshops for 20 years and have found them interesting and informative. The instructors are well prepared and engaging and fun. Thank you! Sincerely, Dale Dunlap
Jan from PHX, AZ
Guy & Mike were outstanding---- as always!
Gilda from Sun City, AZ
Excellent workshop!! Will be able to use lots of the information for my classes that I teach.
Gail from Chandler, AZ
Guy was the presenter for this course and I have always appreciated his expertise and knowledge but also his personal touch on so many issues we as trainers can associate with. Guy is THE BEST!
Charlene from Phoenix, AZ
As a fitness industry newbie....this was excellent and all material was relevant to my client base. Thank you very much.
Victoria from Goodyear, AZ
Wonderful conference as always!! :)
Ann from Arlington, Vi
Great all around and loved the small venue!

Functional Aging for Seniors
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Diana from Middletown , CT
Great information . Left Feeling refreshed . Certain information that I have forgotten about. Thank you Guy for the great information
Samuel from Forest Hills, Queens, NY
Great course Guy!
Demetra from Jackson heights, NY
Great timing, content, examples, and references!!! So excited for the videos and QR codes - thank you !!!!!!
Agi from Carmel, NY
Great program as always! Guy is great!
Stacy from Uniondale, NY
Guy is fabulous! This was my 4th (or 5th?) workshop. Looking forward to more in-person workshops!
Cathy from Brooklyn, NY
Great as always. Learned a lot that I can integrate into my practice. Also, validated much of what I presently do with rationale that I can bring to my clients and myself.
jim from New York, NY
As usaul, Guy was a brilliant, knowledgeable teacher with a great sense of humor and amazing control of the classroom. Well done and thank you!!
Regina (Gina) from New York, NY
I only hope I can retain 25% of the in depth info Guy brings to the workshop! Invalyable and inspiring! Thanks. I always get so much out of it! Gina
Maria from New York, NY
Always love Guy’s teachings !
Margrecia from New York, NY
Excellent, outstanding, effective and entertaining speaker as always
Tia from NYC, NY
As always, wonderful insight and incredibly thorough. Guy is the best!
Eris from New York, NY
Guy Andrews workshops are excellent. I am a repeat customer. The day goes by quickly. He is extremely knowledgeable. One of the best fitness professionals out there. He is attentive to everyone. I always walk away with new information that I can retain. A+++
Catalina from New York , NY
Looking forward in the next live workshop! Thank you!
Ufuoma from TUCKAHOE, NY
I have been attending these workshops held by Guy for as long as i can remember. Guy is a very engaging instructor and always impresses me each time with his passion for fitness.
JoAnn from Lakewood, CO
It was so good to actually have a LIVE in person seminar!! Loved the practicing of everything that was reviewed in class. Felt like I got all the time I needed & loved the personal attention to details provided during the session. I'm looking forward to attending more.
Trish from Reading, MA
Thumbs up for the both the workshop and especially for Mike Deibler!!
Brenda from Weymouth, MA
I don't know how Ex Etc keeps the level of product so high, but I m grateful with every workhop.
Elizabeth from Acton , Ma
Thanks Mike for coming East to Marlborough on a Saturday. You are a great presenter/speaker and motivator. Great class with lots of info for me to use with all ages. Every topic nicely explained. Thanks so much. Elizabeth Muff
Suzanne from Milford, Ct
Daphne from Detroit, MI
Always an experience of enlightenment and time well spent.
Karen from Ft Lauderdale, FL
Mike Diebler is an excellent presenter and really knows his anatomy and ways to help people trainer better. I always learn specific ways to improve my training and I really appreciate that!
Sarah from Aurora, CO
Mike Deibler is a great instructor. He's knowledgeable. He explains and demonstrates exercise techniques.
Holly from Highlands Ranch, CO
Mike Diebler was standing in for Guy Andrews for this workshop. He did a great job instructing, had a thorough knowledge of the material and I enjoyed his approach and teaching style. He was also receptive to questions and very helpful! I would take more classes from him! Thank you!! This course was wonderful!
Christine from Denver, CO
Thank you for coming to Denver!
Dena from West Bloomfield , MI
I attended the live workshop in Southfield MI on 8-27-22. am always satisfied and a repeat customer. Thank you!!!
Gracie from West Olive, MI
Pete was knowledgeable and I’m trying to make the transition to working with seniors!
Janet from West Bloomfield , MI
Pete was an absolutely outstanding instructor. He spoke slowly and clearly making his presentations easier to understand. He took the time to thoroughly answer questions, demonstrated when necessary and went at an appropriate pace. I would not only highly recommend him to anybody interested but would seek him out and would absolutely LOVE it if he came back to Detroit!!!
Bonnie from Redford, MI
Hello, As usual I enjoyed the program and always look forward to when Exercise Etc comes to Detroit/ Southfield. thank you and see you at next one!
barbara from Huntington Woods, MI
Handout very difficult to read but the video demos of all the exercises made up for it. Pete was articulate, animated, smart, and respectful. Subject matter was well paced and organized - not too much info to the point where it doesn't sink in. Thx for putting together a great workshop. Looking forward to the next one.
Liana from Fort Mill, SC
This was a great course! It has refreshes my mind on all the great exercises .
Maria from Farmington Hills, MI
Pete is an excellent trainer. Very experienced! Information very useful!
Barbara from Washington, MI
As always - GREAT INFORMATION ! Thank You
Pattie from Charlotte , NC
excellent presenter, easy to follow and understand, will be attending in the future.
Patty from Sherrills Ford , NC
Consistently interesting, refreshing and loaded with lots of “valuable” information!
Sopheap from Charlotte , NC
Guy did a great job with the program!
Janice from Charlotte, NC
Excellent workshop. Extremely knowledgeable instructor. I appreciated the photos and explanations of which muscles were working during the various exercises. Room was way too cold until we complained and the hotel turned it up.
Carol from Keswick, VA
Although we work with ourselves and others and have knowledge accumulated over time, new ideas, corrections, refinements are always necessary. This was a great refresh with depth that was very helpful. I especially appreciate all of the research available for review as that is a time consuming task and this bibliography is a well-organized go-to.
Jay from Charlotte, NC
As always, Guy Andrews did an EXCELLENT job. His knowledge and teaching skills are the BEST I have encountered over my many years in the fitness industry. I would attend his seminars even if I didn't receive CEUs !!!
Karina from Greer, sc
It was a great class.
Sue from Lancaster, SC
Exceptional session! Thank you, Guy!
Vicki from Indian Land, SC
Well presented with lots of helpful information to modify for all levels of fitness.
Sherri from Long Beach, CA
I just thought that Mike was terrific. He was extremely knowledgeable, his approach practical, exercises were useful and abundant and he got to the material we wanted to learn right away. I loved how the videos were imbedded into the handouts. Great job!
Codean from Rancho Cucamonga , Ca
Mike was awesome as usual! He makes everything interesting! Explains everything really well!
Dorothy from Arcadia, CA
Diane from Fullerton, Ca
Mike is a great presenter! Clear and concise, yet warm and friendly. His ease made all of us comfortable and it was easy to ask questions.
marie from Manhattan Beach, CA
I've been to many workshops over the years and on line classes. This was one of the best content instructions. I liked the way Mike showed progression and regression depending on the level of your client.
Jackline from Pacific Palisades, CA
Mike is an excellent speaker and instructor. He is very well versed and makes the program very interesting.
Robert from Seattle, Wa
The program was a five star, easy to follow well organized with great information.
Grant from Maple Valley, WA
Steve was a great instructor! My first time attending a Workshop by him, his pace and enthusiasm made it great to follow.
Vicki from Sammamish, WA
The information in this course was so helpful for the crowd I work with. While I am a group ex instructor and not a personal trainer, I can use so much of this information to make my classes more well rounded and safe. It's always a pleasure to attend a class where Steve is the instructor! I look forward to having him back!
Eileen from Bainbridge Island, WA
Steve Bannerot was great as usual! Great information and reminders on working with seniors and those with bionic body parts.
Alexandra from Monroe, WA
Steve is wonderful, interesting, funny, engaging. He allows just enough input from attendees to keep it lively, limits personal stories which can bog down a day. Perfect. Will always come back to these.
Ivonne from Seattle, WA
Steve was excellent as always! Thank you.
Elizabeth from Amityville, NY
Love Guy's classes, he is very informative, answers all questions, is open for suggestions _ great class!
Linda from Shingle Springs, CA
A great interactive Instructor. I especially needed and appreciated the MANY solutions that he gave us, and loved that we were given time to experience them for ourselves. Equally appreciated were the regressions and progressions he gave for many practical exercises that could be taught to Active Agers, to those "Not-So-Active" Agers, and really, to anyone! I highly recommend this class for everyone working with the aging population. Good to know stuff!
Rose from Sacramento, CA
The workshop was packed with valuable information, and Mike is a suburb instructor! For years I have been attending ExerciseEtc workshops, and I have never once been disappointed. You always deliver above and beyond. Please keep up the great work. You are a true blessing to those in the Fitness industry, and those whom they serve.
Mary Jo from Placerville, CA
Mike Deibler is very knowledgeable in this field and did an outstanding job of instruction. This is the second workshop I have attended with him and he does an excellent job of integrating hands-on activities with the material. I would enjoy attending more exercise workshops with him in the future.
Excellent class
Diane from San Pedro, CA
Steve Bannerot is a spectacular presenter. I really enjoyed all the content that was presented and the vibe that he set for the entire day. I love the exercise etc. workshops.
Edward from Laguna Niguel , Ca
Excellent instructor. Applied what I learned immediately.
Jill from Culver City, CA
Steve is an amazing, engaging teacher.
Jackline from Pacific Palisades, CA
I always look forward to the workshops taught by Steve.
Sherrill from Long Beach, CA
Great course - would like to see more offerings like this course in Los Angeles. More hands on demonstrations would be good.
V SuRae from washington, dc
Everytime I attend a EE workshop I am never disappointed. There is always several nuggets I take away.
tom from Garden city, ny
The class is really fun hands-on participation easy to Get to Size of class was small not to big Come back to Long Island
Lisa from Lindenhurst, NY
Guy Andrews is very knowledgable & a very interesting speaker. He makes the seminar fun & enjoyable. I especially like how he gets the class to participate in the exercises he teaches us about. I have taken his live workshops in the past & will continue doing so.
Elizabeth from Amityville, NY
Always enjoy Guy's classes,he keeps everyone interested and involved!
Steve was great. He kept the classes going, despite questions and comments from the participants. Was very accessible to answer any questions during the breaks and after the program.
Bonnie from Sierra Madre, Ca
Steve is a great speaker and has a wonderful sense of humor. He connect well with everyone.
Dennis from Patchogue, NY
As always, Guy did a great job!
Stacy from Baldwin, NY
Guy is a fabulous instructor. I look forward to attending further programs and events.
Janet from Baltimore, Ma
Reggie was great first time taking his program would definitely take another one
Amy from Brookeville, Md
The class was well done!
Gail from Baltimore, MD
Reggie was very knowledgeable and motivating. To the point and informative. Good listener but moved the class along!
Sherry from Aberdeen, MD
Reggie was incredible. He was very knowledgeable and kept it interesting. This was my first Exercise Etc. training. I will surely take more. Thanks Reggie. I am ACE group fitness instructor, and 200 hour YogaFit certified.
Elaine from Waldorf, MD
So much great information! Reggie was obviously SO knowledgeable. I wish he could train me at the gym!
David from TOWSON, MD
I was pleasantly surprised with this course. Reggie was a wonderful instructor and the class was well done and provided learning I can actually use.
Maxine from Wilton Manors, FL
Did recommend to friend and took her to this one: another friend will do it the next time. Was great as usual
Lisa from Sunrise, FL
I enjoyed the program very much. Thank you!!!
Jasmine from Lauderhill, FL
I enjoyed the course. Guy Andrews made the information easy to follow and showed hoe to apply in everyday fitness classes.
Joseph M. from West Palm Beach , Fl
Guy Andrews was fabulous...explains everything and will give you time, to answer your questions.
Deborah from Deerfield Beach, FL
I enjoyed the course. I would have liked a few more core strengthening exercise recommendations. Guy is always great in his delivery of the information- never boring!
Paula from Boca Raton, fl
Really enjoyed these classes! Guy Andrews is a great teacher! Also I liked the location, Boca Raton.
Willard A. from Houston, tx
Guy Andrews is an excellent presenter : knowledgeable, entertaining, and is ready to answer questions or explain any areas related to the class.
Michelle from Gainesville, FL
The instructor was very charismatic and enthusiastic. He displayed complete knowlegde of the subject and had great feedback to questions or comments.
Paula from Chagrin falls , oh
I have been an instructor many years and your presenters, are the Best and she was the best. I appreciate instructors who don
Melanie from Chicago, IL
Guy was really great about communicating ahead of time about the course because we had a snow storm in Chicago. I also greatly appreciative that he was cognizant that may of the attendees had to drive in the snow and dark afterwards. Guy is very friendly, personable, and a down to earth instructor. He makes one feel welcome. I enjoy these courses.
Jean from Bellevue, PA
Thank you for another great workshop! Please keep up the great work.
Lorie from Wexford, PA
April Boulter was a great instructor. She is very knowledgeable and i enjoyed the class
Christie from Little Elm, Tx
A great workshop for anyone teaching or training seniors!
kathleen from elyria, oh
Thank you for all the information & all your stories.
Elizabeth from Akron, oh
Guy Andrews is superb! He explains everything with visuals and demos which gives a clear picture of whatever exercise we are doing.
Karenina from Akron, Oh
The program was very well organized and the iInstructor was very interesting, He was a wonderful speaker and very knowledgeable about how to help stay healthy and strong. Also, he gave many examples of the exercises. I really liked how he demonstrated each exercise then had us work with a partner using the new equipment.
Brian from Stow, Oh
I really enjoyed the course. I found that the material would also be helpful for many of my clients that are not necessarily seniors but have other medical conditions. Well done Exercise Etc.!
Stacy from Houston , TX
Guy is a great instructor. Always enjoy his sessions.
Brock from Angleton, TX
This was far and away better than my expectations! Guy Andrews - you were fantastic! Thank you so much for a wonderful day! Each session flew by...and as Arnold sez, "I'll be baaaccckkk!"
Roy D from Richmond, tx
pauli from katy, tx
The program went beyond my expectations in that a number of new issues were covered and more time was given to questions.
Bonnie from Houston, TX
Guy is awesome!
Cheryl from fort worth, TX
Great workshop! So much stuff that I can use for myself and my clients.
Kevin from Elk Grove village, Il
Instructor was great. I like to go to all of his classes.
Shirley from Huntersville, NC
Guy is always great! He is the best ever!
GUY was very thorough and made it fun!
Leslie from Mt Pleasant, SC
As always, Guy Andrews delivered another very informative and instructional workshop for Seniors. There are so many changes throughout the year in the Fitness industry with regard to Seniors and their needs for exercise and wellness with regard to certain medical conditions which must be considered when developing an exercise program for them. Once again, Exercise, Etc. is at the forefront with this information and Guy Andrews is the best at disseminating this information to Fitness Instructors, such as myself in a very comprehensive workshop to make sure that I incorporate these new changes and exercises into my classes. Many thanks again, Exercise, Etc. and Guy Andrews!
Lynne from Asheville , NC
Engaging, informative, clear and very useful information delivered in a thoroughly stimulating, generous, relevant and memorable way by Guy Andrews . I
Janice from Nebo, NC
Love these workshops and of course Guy Andrews!!
Viviane from Prospect Heights, IL
Whenever Exercise Etc. comes to town, I try to attend!. The courses are always applicable, interesting, and Guy makes it fun.
Helane from Northbrook, IL
This was one of the best courses I have ever taken and I have been in this business for over 30 years. Guy was totally respectful of the horrible weather we were having and, without missing one bit of info, got us out a little earlier than originally planned but.... that was not the best part. The best parts were: The handouts were so complete and easy to follow that I could actually really listen to him and not just concentrate on taking notes. The info he disseminated was absolutely usable the next day with clients - it was so clear, concise, complete and useful! Guy's stories were interesting and always had to do with the topic at hand. In addition, he answered every question we asked him and encouraged us to take his card and email or call him anytime for more info. I would come to every one of his presentations in Chicago - he is fabulous!
Sharon from Naperville, IL
Guy was very good as usual. Always learn something when attending his presentations. Very enjoyable. He was extremely concerned, respectful and accommodating of the Chicago weather issue that was ongoing the day of the workshop. Really appreciated that!
Deanna from Naperville, IL
I just think Exercise ETC is one of the BEST programs out there. Not only are the instructors knowledgeable but the course is affordable which is so incredibly helpful. It's difficult enough to do this job full time but to keep with the cost of CEC's is almost unreachable. I feel like most places just gauge us and don't deliver quality for what they charge.
Susie from Lakewood Ranch , Fl
Guy Andrews consistently gives a great workshop. He has a pleasant demeanor. He is easy to follow, and keeps my interest by moving at an appropriate pace. I always learn a lot from him. I look forward to attending his next class.
linda from evanston, il
The course was well worth the 1.5 hour, snowy drive! I learned a lot and very much enjoyed the classes.
Mary from SKOKIE, IL
This is my 3rd time attending a Guy Andrews seminar, he is always well prepared, starts and ends on time (even with a Chicago snowstorm) He is knowledgeable and interesting.
Laura from mchenry, Il
Once again Guy's program does not disappoint. I am filled with new knowledge and excited to use these new tools to enrich the lives of my clients. I am looking forward to the next seminar. Thank you Guy.
Barbara (Bonnie) from Clifton, US
I thought Guy was exceptional in all areas. So knowledgeable, so respectful, so inclusive of everyone in the room, so non-judgemental, so inspiring!
Frederick from New York, NY
Guy is warm, great story teller & knowledgeable! I've been taking his courses over 15 years and I'd recommend his classes for all exercise professionals and enthusiasts!
ivonne from New York, NY
This course was so interesting and useful. The Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and made the course exciting.
Adrienne from Newark, NJ
Guy is an enthusiastic informative energetic instructor.
May M from Middletown , NY
This is the second complete program with Guy. He is thorough interesting knowledgeable passionate with good sense of humor.
Leslie from Brooklyn, NY
Guy is fabulous!
Liza from Staten Island, NY
I really enjoyed this entire session, Guy was at his best, alway engaging , interesting, resourceful and extremely knowledgeable.
Nancy from New York, NY
I have been attending these workshops almost from their onset at least twice a year and always take out information and exercises thay I can apply to my clientele.
james from astoria, ny
Exceeded my expectations! Always a pleasure to participate in a seminar with Guy.
John from East Norwich, NY
I thought Guy was very interesting and extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely take other courses with him, and will spread the word about him and Exercise Etc.
Michael from OFallon, IL
Our instructor, Donna Kauchak, has a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience. I appreciated her real world applications and vivid examples.
Kate from Saint Louis, MO
I always enjoy these courses. There is always some good new info and some good reminders of exercises I forgot I loved! Donna was great. She has lots of energy and passion. I look forward to another set of classes in the spring and look forward to another set of classes with Donna again too!
Donna from Medfield, MA
What a terrific day! Guy Andrews is a true professional. So knowledgable, interesting and fun! I would highly recommend any workshop he teaches to others. I'm looking forward to more instruction by him in the future.
Donna from Medfield, MA
What a terrific day! Guy Andrews is a true professional. So knowledgable, interesting and fun! I would highly recommend any workshop he teaches to others. I'm looking forward to more instruction by him in the future.
Carol from coral springs, fl
Guy is always well informed and current with the latest research- he's entertaining too.
Carol from Pittsfield, NH
This was an excellent class and I would highly recommend it!
Suzanne from Aurora, CO
Guy is a good speaker and very personable as well as knowledgeable. I always enjoy and learn so much.
Amy from Somerset, MA
Guy Andrews is a true professional; consistently knowledgeable, helpful, friendly. His presentations are full of information that he presents in a clear, methodical, and entertaining way. He truly provides an overall invaluable service to the fitness community. He was born to teach! His passion for fitness shines through and is very contagious as he teaches. Thank you Guy! Keep up the great work! Exercise ETC, its program contents, and Guy Andrews is an overall "class act". --- Amy-Massachusetts
Mary Ann from Dennisport, MA
Guy is terrific! I liked the hands on exercises!
Mariann from Farmington, Ct
Michael was an excellent instructor. I would definitely take another seminar that he is teaching.
Kathleen from Marlborough, MA
I'm not one of those people that can sit for a long period of time. But this whole course was very interesting, fun and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Donna from East Greenwich, RI
I am an ACE certified group fitness instructor for 25 yrs., and have been attending Guy Andrew's workshops along with many others for many years. He is by far the best Presenter! Very intelligent, very knowledgeable, personable, great sense of humor, and an all round great person/educator. Donna M. Mangione
LaShaun from Washington, DC
It was great...I would attend other trainings in the future.
Ruth L from oxon hill , md
John from Columbus, OH
Donna was great with her presentation!
Helen from Garrison, Ma
I loved every minute of this program. Even though I need the credits, I would have taken it anyway. Guy is always wonderful and you can tell he loves what he does. That makes a huge difference! Thank you.
Marian from Bethesda, MD
I always find Guy to be interesting, motivational and informative.
Nancy from Alexandria , VA
Loaded with useful information and tips based on the latest studies. Highly recommend to anyone coaching older adults.
Holm Kweku from Washington, DC
Guy was awesome and made the course enjoyable and worth coming back again next year!
James from Leesburg , Va
Enjoyed the course and will continue to attend in the future. Guy makes it fun and he presents very well. Thank you. James
Andrea from Montgomery Village, MD
Guy Andrews is a superb instructor. I will be looking for more courses taught by him!
Pedro from Miami, Fl
Guy Andrews is an excellent speaker.
Frances from Arlington, VA
Guy is always very professional and makes the entire day enjoyable! I always take away new exercises for my clients. He's terrific!
richard from naples, fl
As always Guy presents a fabulous class. Current and Informative. New ideas for myself and my clients.
vincent from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Great course GUY!
Nicholas from Portland, OR
Speaker was great. Been to several of these now (and multiple that Steve B spoke at) and continues to be highly helpful and worth my time!
Leslie from Adventura, FL
Andrew Guy is a wonderful instructor and advocate of seniors. He is an inspiration.
Anamaria from Cooper City, FL
Guy Andrews is an exceptional instructor with a vast amount of knowledge in the field. Looking forward to taking more of his sessions in the near future.
Sandy from Naples, FL
Guy Andrews continues to make his classes informative and fun.
Excellent course that was well prepared and informative. Highly recommend it!
Love from miami, fl
The class was comprehensive and quite detail oriented. I gained a great deal of knowledge and thank you for the experience.
Wendy from Miami, FL
Guy is an excellent instructor! I also really like how the classes are not just lecture. They get us up and actually do the exercises which helps keep it interesting, keeps students awake, and allows us to make sure we're doing it correctly by asking questions in the moment so we can turn around and teach it correctly.
Linda from Pompano Beach, FL
The instructor was phenomenal. He was extremely knowledgeable and interesting..maybe the best instructor I had in a long time. I will definitely attend his lecture again.
Rick from Wilton manors, FL
Incredibly valuable and useful information. Class participation really enhanced the experience. Instructor was inspiring on many levels. As I wish to continue to improving my skills as a trainer, I wish Exercise, Etc had more workshops available.
Sheryl from Portland, OR
The instructor was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Friendly and professional to all!
Barbara from Boring, OR
Have taken several courses through Exercise Etc and had Steve B. as the instructor. Thoroughly enjoy his knowledge, sense of humor and his practical approach to the material. Very Good.
Gina from Beaverton, OR
Steve Bannerot was an excellent instructor!
Barb from Tualatin, OR
Steve was amazing! Engaging, educated and lots of fun! Thoroughly enjoyed the day!!
diane from tigard, or
Always receive new ideas and info from Steve's presentations. Very professional!
Frank from Eugene, Or
Very well done program. interaction between instructor and attendees very good.
Joanna from Denver, Co
I really enjoyed the courses. I was surprised at how many exercises I have been using for myself and in my training that may not be the best to use--especially for the aging body. Thanks --the course material was presented well and kept our interest peaked.
Cindy from Aurora, CO
Fantastic workshop. Great information that I can use to keep my seniors healthy. And me too!
Deborah from Macomb, MI
Guy Andrews did a great job presenting very detailed training information for the Older Adult Exercise Program. The information provided was very relevant and helpful. It had been some time since I've attended a live workshop conducted by Exercise Etc and I have to say I was not disappointed!!!
Nadia from West Bloomfield, MI
Guy is a fabulous, educational speaker!! Been going to him for years and love his classes!
David from Jenison, Mi
This seminar had more lecture then previous seminars but all of the lecture was needed based on the topic of the seminar.
Mary from Goodrich, Mi
Guy Andrews was very knowledgeable and presented the program in a very fun and entertaining way!
pam from rochester hills, mi
I always learn new skills at the ETC live workshops. I love the instruction and also what I learn from other trainers in this field.
Beth from Ann Arbor, Mi
Guy is the BEST instructor !!
Andrea from West Bloomfield, mi
Guy is a terrific instructor and I have always enjoyed Exercise etc. as a teaching entity to receive my CECs
Tina from Cedar Rapids, IA
Mike does a great job presenting the material in an interesting and entertaining manner. Good content and very applicable.
Jennifer from Durango, CO
Great instructor and great course!
Bruce from springfield, va
I have been a member for over 10 years, Guy Andrews was at his best. I would like to take the company to the Caribbean Bruce Barclay
Wendy from Boulder, CO
Love Guy and his passionate, sincere and humbled approach to this topic.
Judy from Roseville, Mi
Mike did a great job. Would have been nice to have introductions. More time to do exercises ( each person ( partner) do 6X to get the feel of how we would present this to our client. THANK YOU FOR SHARING SO MUCH OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE!
Rebecca from Aurora, CO
I thought the course material was very interesting and it was a good brush up on some things I may have forgotten with movements. The instructor was very well educated in the course material and a very good speaker. He kept everyone's attention and made the information fun with personal stories of his own clients.
Denise from Castle Rock, Co
Another great seminar by Guy. I didn
Yvonne from Fort Collins, CO
Guy is a great presenter, and has great practical experience. I always enjoy these workshops aimed at the Older Adult Population. Maybe slow down a bit (I know you are trying to be mindful of time)...and in this particular workshop I personally would have liked a few more general exercise tips for group fitness....there seemed to be a lot more ideas or guidelines for the Brains and Balance past 60. I did learn quite a bit of useful information in this workshop and plan to put it to good use starting on Monday. Thanks for coming to Denver! Looking forward to March.
Scott from Centennial, CO
Always loved you guys.
Gloria from Fort Collins, CO
I always enjoy these workshops as they are updated with new information. The presentation is filled with knowledge and delivered with dashes of humor. Guy is passionate about this work and gives us information to make our instructing better.
Kelly from Mantua, NJ
This was my first fitness seminar and I was very happy with the presentation. Donna Kauchak was awesome and I learned alot from the classes.
Ruth from Albuquerque, NM
Mike is down to earth person. love his workshops. always learn something new to teach
Richard from Rockaway, NJ
Donna manages to keep interest and enthusiasm for 8 hours!
Carmen from Albuquerque, NM
This is the third year I have attended your great workshops. I am always amazed at the amount of information covered. It is always clearly outlined well organized. Mike is a great communicator and very engaged and knowledgeable. I always come away with at least one or two things that I am able to immediately put into practice. I am a stronger teacher because of these classes. Thanks.
Lynne from Englewood, NE
The instructor, Donna, was extraordinarily knowledgeable and delivered the material with clarity and humor. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the experience.
Beth from Hamilton, NJ
Donna was great! Super knowledgeable, her passion really shines through!
Ann from Edison, Ne
Donna was an awesome instructor. Kept us involved and the class flew by.
linda from flemington, nj
Donna is a great instructor. i had her before for classes and i knew the classes would be informative as wells entertaining.
A. Pat from Keyport, NJ
Presenter, was very knowledgeable ,interesting and fun.
Deborah from South Plainfield, NJ
Donna, instructor, was great. Very knowledgeable on subject and also provided a lot of practical information as well. Well worth the day.
Tenessa from Wood Ridge, NJ
Donna was amazing. So knowledgeable and fun. I really enjoyed the class.
Kim from dayton, oh
Awesome , class was very helpful, Instructor was great.
Caitlin from Cincinnati, OH
Amazing information! I learned so much about training the "Bionic Elder." He was very clear about our scope of practice as fitness professionals.
Ryan from Fairfield Township, OH
very good course, interactive was fun and useful
Mike from Cincinnati, Oh
Excellent class. Great location. Interesting speaker at a continuous pace. The only minor problem I had was I did not dress appropriately for the air conditioning in the room.
kathie from Fairfield, Oh
This was my first experience with Exercise Etc. I wish I had found this organization sooner. Loved everything about it. Very comfortable, relaxed and informative.
kristina from manhatten, ks
I absolutely loved the instructor. He was interesting and a great speaker. Keep it interesting, easy to follow as well as very educational.
Stacy from Overland Park, KS
Great location for the fitness workshop. The speaker was dymnanic, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks!
Lorrie from Lawrence, KS
Steve was a wonderful presenter. I enjoyed the class very much and learned a lot of applicable material for my client base
Bonnie from Leewood, KS
I found the program applicable not only for my personal training and water aerobics classes, but also for me personally.
Mary from Prairie Village, KS
This was a well run. The instructor was knowledgeable made the material interesting. The material was pertinent. I love that I can use this information immediately in my classes and with my clients.
Thomas from Carmel, IN
A great day. instructor very knowledgeable. He was outstanding.
Linda from Terre Haute, In
I came away with so many wonderful tips I can use teaching my classes. our instructor was fantastic
Paulette from Dayton, IN
Well done! Steve was interesting, knowledgeable, funny and engaging.
Shanna from Fishers, IN
Great exercise slides in handout. Presenter was excellent; professional yet very personable. Thanks!
Betsy from Indianapolis , IN
Steve was excellent. He was knowledgeable beyond my expectations and funny. He was able to answer all questions. He definitely earned his pay and then some. Really awesome Day! Thank you
Michele from Lawrenceville , GA
Reggie does an awesome job with instruction. I enjoy the workshops very much and try to attend as many as I can. I don't enjoy all the powerpoint though.
Miranda from Dallas, GA
Wonderful instructor. I was so thankful for the application examples /exercises as well as his insight due to his full time job as fitness coordinator at an assisted living facility.
Sara from Atlanta, GA
Great workshop. Instructor has actual working knowledge of workshop material.
Elizabeth from Marietta, GA
Heidi from Vidalia, GA
Reggie did great!
Mary from Oconomowoc, WI
I walked away from this with great information, and I am looking forward to attending more seminars and webinars, through your company.
Diane from Roseville, Ca
This was one of the best events I have been to in a long time. Very engaging and educational.
Ruth Ann from Edmond, OK
Appreciated the periodic application of principles during the courses. Steve is a great speaker and has a lot of knowledge.
Samantha from Modesto, CA
Steve was an exceptional speaker. I look forward to taking another course with him in the future!
allen from porterville, ca
As usual, Steve is a great instructor
Joan from Aptos, CA
Thank you for another great workshop! I learned many new things and enjoyed the day.
Lea from Castro Valley, CA
Steve is an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable
shawn from mill valley, CA
The program exceeded my expectations. The instructor was an excellent teacher and knew the material well! He was able to answer all questions and was very knowledgable about everything! I really enjoyed learning from Steve. I will definitely look for another class presented by him.
robert from hercules, ca
I really enjoyed the workshop, could not have been better.
Betsy from Angwin, Ca
The workshop was fantastic! Great information, speaker was awesome, smart, articulate and funny! Loved all the exercises he showed us. Totally worth the time and effort. Thank you so much. I'll use ETC again for my CEC's.

Functional Fitness
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Larry from San Diego, CA
Steve Bannerot is an easy to follow and interesting presenter for information. He is the main reason I wanted to attend this course, and I also found the topic relevant.
Laura from Lexington, KY
Love Guy's courses! Always so well organized and full of practical info that I am able to use right away with my clients. Wishing you all well during COVID.
Sylvia from Lewis center, OH
Best training I've ever received. Loved the hands on learning!
Sarah from Lexington, KY
Really enjoy Guy's continuing education classes. I leave feeling reaffirmed, invigorated, and full of knowledge. Will continue to come to these conferences as long as possible.
michael from bloomington, In
Excellent workshop
Loved at...as always. I'm able to apply what I learn from your courses easily and effectively. And they're always fun to attend! The day flys by.
Steven from Cincinnati, OH
Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the topics covered which made for a positive learning atmosphere and an enjoyable experience.
Candace from Williamsburg, OH
I absolutely love when Guy comes to Cincinnati With Exercise Etc. I learn so much and it is always fun and interesting!
richard from lebanon, oh
Guy Andrews is the Best!
Jenny from Mason, OH
Guy was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learned so much.
Sherri from Ft. Thomas, KY
2nd seminar I took w/ Guy - great job!
Gabriela from Florham Park, NJ
Attend various workshop presented by Exercise ETC and find information truly helpful. I am able to use the skills and knowledge gained in the workshops in my fitness classes and personal training
Rhonda from Bayside, NY
Always an amazing workshop. Guy is terrific.
GUSTAVO from West New York, NJ
Thank you Guy Andrews for sharing your knowledge.
Winnie from Union, NJ
Guy is an amazing instructor.
Susan from roselle, NJ
As always Guy was outstanding -- at the very top of his game. Funny, sincere, witty, knowledgeable, passionate about his topic and always in control -- even in a class of 60 unruly New Yorkers. That's why I've been coming back to Exercise ETC for almost 20 years.
ROBIN from Manalapan Township, NJ
What an amazing and knowledgeable day!!! Guy was the best speaker ever!!
Carolyn from Hackensack, NJ
Content was excellent and informative. Guy is an excellent presenter.
Carol from Plainview, NY
Guy is very passionate about what he teaches and keeps you interested for the entire time. Will continue taking courses with him in the future
Deborah from Valley Stream , NY
I really enjoyed the class and instructor Guy Andrews. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and his delivery of the material was great.
Marilyn from Valley Stream , NY
Guy Andrews was phenomenal. His knowledge, expertise, and delivery of content material was superb!
Van-Anh from mesa, AZ
Steve Bannerot was one of the best presenters I've ever been to. He was funny, knowledgeable and demonstrated movements. I would highly recommend a pay raise if possible because sometimes these full day workshops can get boring near the end but he was able to keep us engaged and the time went by fast! I'll be keeping an eye out for the next time he presents. Thanks Steve!
Melissa from Des Moines, WA
Loved it. Loved the instructor. Well put on. I would definitely attend another training.
Jackie from Citrus Heights, CA
Thank you for being affordable and coming to Sacramento
Geniel Y from south ogden, ut
Mike was very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed taking this course.
Jennifer from Holladay, UT
Excellent and motivating speaker!
patricia from kenner, la
Donna was enthusiastic, impressive background, strong leadership and fun. Please bring her back to Kenner, Louisiana.
Jacque from Kearns, UT
He did a great job. Very knowledgable and friendly.
George from Ogden, Ut
Mike was great!!! Very thorough in his explanations of the information and was very clear with his answers to our questions. We also finished on time with each of the 4 presentations.
Denise from Thibodaux, LA
Very enthusiastic and energetic presentation. loved it !
Anita from Grantsville, UT
I thought the instructor was great. Clear presentor and I would take another course from him and Exerciseetc.com
Catharine from Cooper City, FL
Guy was fantastic! Never got bored- super moving and super informative!
Kathryn from Orlando, FL
I always look forward to these live workshops because I know I will learn the latest scientific information to help my clients achieve their goals. In addition it is interactive and fun, and all the presenters without exception are well-prepared, credible and personable. This is time and money well-spent.
Pat from Lexington, Ky
Excellent speaker and materials covered.
Michele from Fort Myers, FL
Fun and educational.
Sally from Escondido, CA
This was an excellent, comprehensive course. The instructor utilized time well and provided a balance of lecture and practical application.
Maureen from cincinnati, oh
I enjoy Guy's classes. Would love to see more on other Senior Friendly topics
Brittanie from Fortwashington, Ma
Eric L from San Diego , CA
Steve Bannerot was an excellent instructor. He was very knowledgeable and he presented a well rounded interesting class.
Javiera from Annapolis, MD
Donna was phenomenal! She was very insightful and made all the material extremely easy to follow and applicable to every day life. I really enjoyed that she made us get up and do exercises ourselves so that we could better understand what she was saying.
Roderick from Washington, DC
The teacher was very knowledgeable and I would like to take more courses with her.
Janet from baltimore, MD
Donna was awesome Very professional The workshop moved right along I learned a lot and enjoyed her sense of humor Would definitely take another workshop that she will be teaching great job!!
Gail from Baltimore, MD
I take Exercise Etc classes every summer, but Donna was one of the most motivating, knowledgeable, and positive instructors I've had. Copious notes taken!
Dorothy from Boynton Beach, Fl
Guy Andrews is a very good presenter. He covered all the materials in the appropriate time! I would definitely take more classes with him!
Linda from Boca Raton, Fl
I can only say ....thank you for your love of fitness ,health and wellness . You truly love what you do and the fact that you also want to share this with others who enjoy and want to help others in their health and wellness occupation. Thank you....... your always upbeat and informative and really take the time to remember the people you teach. You make it fun.... Thanks Guy👍🏼
Janis from Fort Myers, FL
Excellent course ans Instructor was interesting.
Nancy from Estero, FL
Your knowledge is so inspiring, Guy. I have enjoyed your workshops for years and look forward to many more. Thank you!
Darlene from Cibolo, TX
Great instructor. Active involvement and instructor feedback--best part.
Toni Rae from Ft Myers, FL
Guy Andrews is a gifted teacher for Senior Fitness. I will return for another class with him.
Stacy from Englewood, Fl
Guy was an amazing instructor, best CEU class I have ever taken. I will definitely be following Guy to take more classes with him. Great information, expert researchers, latest information in training tips. All great stuff!
This was a very good course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and, even though I do not have a degree in exercise fitness, I was able to follow the instructor with ease. The exercises were on point and I can apply some of them to the Water aerobics classes I teach. I loved this course.
Angela from Naples, Fl
I was blown away by the information that was presented. I want to learn more about what's changed in the way of nutrition and weight loss.
David from clarksville, tn
Reggie was outstanding. He made the class both interesting and practical by having students practice various exercises. I got so much out of this class.
Jamie from Nashville, TN
Great course. I love how interactive it was! I loved incorporating the actual practice of core exercises and the mini workout we did! Well done!
Beth from Knoxville, TN
This is my 2nd attendance to a live workshop/certification with Exercise Etc. and I was not disappointed!! The instructor, Reggie was very knowledgeable, engaging and kept the workshop going at an excellent pace!!:)
Casper from O'Fallon, IL, IL
Very well done and affordable. Will recommend these classes to my friends in the fitness industry.
Julia from St. Louis, MO
I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I began using the information immediately. My students were enthusiastic about the new information and are already seeing results. Thanks!
Shay from San Antonio, TX
This was the BEST seminar I've ever attended. Donna is an asset to your company. Please send her to San Antonio again!!!
Alphonso from New York, NY
Guy is a great presenter; he is very knowledgeable with practical and theoretical experience. He is an engaging presenter. I have been taking his workshops since the early 2000
I have learned a lot & enjoyed all of the classes i have taken from Guy
Eric from Ingleside, TX
I drove 3 hours to see this seminar, and I have to say that it was honestly worth it
This was a very useful collection of courses. The Weight Management portion contained some surprising new findings for me and I keep up with nutrition and diet research. Really enjoyed all the participative demos and I'll be able to use them with clients. Finally, appreciate the HIT advice regarding rest, sleep, nutrition when utilizing HIT.
Eileen from Tarrytown, NY
Guy is the Best .
Terry from Great Neck, NY
I Been attending Guy's classes and workshops for quite of a few years, I've enjoyed each and every one. Always very informative and fun. Thanks You Guy!
jason from bronx, ny
Great Instruction I look forward to attending the next course in a few months.
Johnny from Woodhaven , Ny
This was a great class. I enjoyed the interaction with other people and also interacting with the speaker. I learned allot of new things that I can now implement on my clients as well as myself. Thank you guys I will highly recommend this Course to my other colleagues.
Sandra from Plymouth, MN
Loved this instructor! Entertaining, knowledgable and to the point. Made the day go by super fast!
Jeff from Bothell, WA
Amazing instructor!
Irene from Albuquerque , NM
Mike was an enjoyable instructor, speaker, knowledgeable in his subject matter, I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. I will be attending others in the future!
Nicole from Princeton, NJ
An informative and well-designed class that was ideally balanced between lecture/information and practical application. I learned some creative exercises that I've already tried with a few of my clients, and the instructor was engaging, knowledgeable, and funny as well.
charles from west chester, pa
Guy did a wonderful job! I learned a lot!
Caroline from Midlothian, VA
Really enjoyed Reggie's manner of teaching. He was very approachable and he knows the material very well. Thanks, Reggie! Hope to see you again soon in Norfolk!
Joseph from Milford, CT
Donna was an excellent instructor! I would highly recommend colleagues to attend one of her workshops.
Lieba from windsor, ct
The program was full of scientifically based information. The instructor is enthusiastic about teaching. Her energy, and humor kept me engaged. I left feeling motivated and confident. I have new and reinforced knowledge to be creative and excited about my teaching and training. Exercise Etc., your professionalism is exceptional!
Rose from West Hartford, Ct
Instructor was informed, precise, dynamic, and humorous. I was amazed that she stood up for over 8 hours and was just as animated at the end of the sessions as she was in the beginning. I was pleased that the program covered fitness for all ages, not just the young. My only complaint is that I wish that the four courses were divided up over a full weekend instead of one day with more hands on. Otherwise, it was great and I look forward to continuing my education with your company.
Heather from Rocky River, OH
Mike Deibler was an exceptional speaker and instructor. His knowledge of physical function and ability to apply it to the training clients was phenomenal. Hope he comes to CLE again!
Jacqueline from KENMORE, WA
Steve is always a joy to learn from. Intelligent, engaging and very knowledgeable.
Tamara from Sugar Land, TX
This was one of the best workshops that I have been to in awhile. Guy always makes the information fun and easy to transfer to the client.
Linde from Rochester, MN
Steve was great! Gained some great insights that I will definitely be adding to my trainings. Steve was entertaining and held my attention for all the sessions. I was happy I took the time out of my personal schedule to attend the training.
Andrea from Bordentown, NJ
I have been attending ETC Exercise programs for years now and I would, and have, recommended courses to friends. I have attended Guy's workshop's numerous times and enjoy his training techniques as well as his humor. Thanks ETC
Maxine from seaside park, NJ
as always the class was very informative and mostly hands-on! GUY IS THE Best of THE BEST!..looking forward to the next workshop!
Frank from Warren, oh
Mike was very knowledgeable and added in things he was seeing out in the field! Getting to the practical part was the best and kept the courses lively.
Thomas from Newton, NJ
As usual it was a great seminar. Guy Andrews makes it fun and exciting. He has a good sense of humor. It was well organized and designed very well. This was my fifth seminar with you guys. You also have other good instructors teach the seminars. And it is very affordable. I will probably be attending the next one in September. Thank you for always making it a great time,
Jose from Carteret, NJ
What can I Say other than Guy is The Man!
Alison from Red Bank, NJ
This was a great workshop! Guy Andrews was an exceptional speaker and always kept you engaged. Loads of information. Thank you. Will attend another workshop once offered in the area again.
Sandra from Edison, NJ
Guy Andrews is a great presenter. I will be attending more of his workshops. Exercise Etc overall is very knowledgable when it comes to workshops. The information is always well researched and back up by known referenced books and published articles.
Shelly from Calabasas, CA
Our instructor was fabulous!!! :)
Carole from Woodland Hills , CA
This was a great workshop. All of your workshops are! Mike was amazing and made it fun as well as informative.
allen from porterville, ca
As always Micheal was great. i thoroughly enjoy these seminars
elissia from beaumont, tx
Guy is an amazing teacher presenter! Have been going to his workshops for years. He never disappoints!
Connie from Everett, WA
Steve (as always) makes the classes fun as well as informative!00
gayle from gig harbor, WA
Steve was great! Informative and kept the class interesting

Primal Exercise
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nancy from ROYAL OAK, MI
Outstanding instruction as always
Peter from Eagan, MN
Donna Kauchak is one of the best instructors I've ever had: Knowledgeable, Experienced, Personable, Good Communicator. I would take any course instructed by her.
Peter from Eagan, MN
Terrific instructor. One of the best I've ever had.
Linda from Minneapolis, MN
This was an extremely valuable course for me at this time. The instructor was excellent and the material and presentation has added a new dimension to my understanding and work.
Loreen from Milford, Ct
I truly enjoyed reggies style of delivering the information and was happy to do a lot of hands on exercises
Joanne from Newtown, CT
I have attended several of your workshops in Hartford Connecticut and have enjoyed every one of them. Reggie was very informative and professional. My only disappointment is that there are not too many workshops in the Hartford area. I would be attending more for they are well worth my time. I would highly recommend these programs to everyone in my field of employment.
Lieba from Windsor, CT
Reggie reflected his professional knowledge and experience with enthusiasm and clarity.
Mary Carroll from East Hartland, CT
Speaker was updated on info, full of useful ideas and options. Great energy and knowledge. Splendid representative for Ex. Etc.
Szilvia from Wilton, CT
Great workshop, thank you
Panayiotis from Los Alamitos, Ca
Great organization. The speaker was clear and knowledgeable. I got great tips for my work.
Beth from Lenox Twp, MI
Very good course. Thank you for offer the course in michigan. Would love to have more offered.
Jackline from Pacific Palisades, CA
I always enjoy attending workshops offered by Exercise Etc since it is very informative and on a smaller classroom so that the instructor is attainable.
Jill from Culver City , CA
Mike is an excellent, well informed instructor. I would take any class he taught and wish he lived closer to me so I could train with him!!!
Franklin from Los Angeles, CA
Practical applications to fitness issues. I would recommend Mike's classes to every fitness profesional
Shelly from Calabasas, CA
Your instructors are always so fabulous. I just love the workshops and love bringing this new information and way of teaching to my clients. :) Mike Deibler was so knowledgeable and he brought the material to us in a very easy to understand way. I am so excited to train my clients. Thank you.
stephen from lake oswego, or
Steve was great and fun too!
Alicia from Portland, OR
Steve is a terrific presenter!
Taya from Portland, OR
This was an excellent class.
Judy from Vancouver, WA
Great class - great exercises and interaction
wendy from east olympia, wa
Steve is interesting, funny and very knowledgeable. I have always enjoyed his workshops but found this one particularly adaptable to myself and my clients. I'm so glad I attended.
MaryLou from Pinedale, AZ
I always enjoy Exercise ETC. Inc. classes. They are informative, fun, interactive and useful in every aspect of exercise!! Love it!
Benito from Phoenix, Ar
I am looking forward to attending more live classes in 2018. I found the Posture and Mobility class very informative and useful!
Jessica from Mesa, AZ
Mike is a great presenter. He presents the information well and encourages interaction but still keeps everything on track so stays on time. I thoroughly enjoy when he is a presenter.
Tod C. from Patagonia, AZ
Mike was great at sharing lessons from his personal experience. Thank you.
Leslie from Elk Grove, CA
Steve Bannerot and Mike Diebler are excellent presenters, I look forward to to their future presentations in Sann Francisco or Sacramento.
W Jazmine from Phoenix, AZ
Very useful, I got out of the program what I had desired to get.
David from Tempe, Az
All 4 classes were interesting and well structured. Presenter was personable and knew the topics he covered.
Trisha from Peoria, AZ
Instructor was fantastic!! I have taken his courses before and each time I walk away with so much great and applicable information. More trainers and sport performance coaches need to take these courses to create more functional athletes!
Thomas from Edison, NJ
Excellent program, looking forward to additional workshops!
Clay from Phoenix , Az
The instructor knows his stuff!!
I always enjoy Exerciseetc.'s programs and find them very informative. I feel I leave with good information to expand my knowledge base.
Kristin from Geneva, IL
Mike did a great job presenting the information with a lot of fresh tips and thoughts on how to best help people.
Reada from Elgin, IL
got some great ideas for my clients and classes added an extra touch to my programming
David from Orrville, OH
I received valuable information that I can used directly with my clients, and the instructor provided great personal experience to make all subject matters relative.
Latina from Pegram, TN
I believe this might have been the best Instructor I have had so far over the last 5 Years. He did a wonderful job.
Carol D. from San Marcos, CA
Mike Deibler , MS CSCS is an excellent presenter. His knowledge of topic(s) is extensive and his teaching style is thorough -- a balanced blend of science/theory and hands-on practical application. He was very capable in fielding questions and inquiries about topics, both at hand and related. These overall skills made for a productive and enriching 8-hours of training. I look forward to attending future offerings. (ALSO, the Homewood Suites Hotel/Carlsbad was an excellent facility choice. I hope you hold more events there.
John from Ann Arbor, MI
Steve did a fantastic job! He is a great and enthusiastic presenter. The material was very well presented.
Michele from Lawrenceville, GA
I really enjoyed Reggie's style of teaching and he did really well with one member of the class who wanted to share all of his wealth of knowledge to everyone, even if that knowledge was misinformed and had the potential for harm. Reggie did really well steering everyone back to the topic at hand and giving the correct information, without insulting the gentleman or his particular thoughts about the subject matter. It takes a skilled instructor with great people skills to do that. I learned a lot and I was glad the Braves were playing out of town so I could take the workshop.
kevin from newton, nj
The instructor Donna Kauchac was extremely knowledgeable and professional and imparted information I will definitively use.
thomas w from lafayette, nj
Donna Kauchak was a wonderful Instructor. She has a great sense of humor and very knowledgeable. Donna explained everything very well. Great speaker and easy to follow. She covered postural, shoulder, knee and flexibility very well in the seminar. I would recommend Donna Kauchak as an Instructor for any fitness seminars. She was a blessing. And I got to tell you I love Guy Andrew as well. They have the same styles. I enjoy these fitness seminars with Exercise Etc.Inc. And your right they are affordable.
Marlena from Cranford, NJ
Donna was an exceptional instructor. She was engaged and interesting. The hands on portions of the modules were appropriate for all level
Lisa from Voorhees, NJ
I continually enjoy all the seminars given by Exercise ETC. The Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and give relevant information in an upbeat presentation. Although the full day is lengthy I find I never look at my watch.
Barbara from Freehold, NJ
Instructor Donna Kauchak was extremely knowledgeable and well-spoken. Easy to follow, enthusiastic and entertaining. Also, there was a good mix of interactive floor work and classroom type instruction.

Remedial Exercise
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Glen from Boulder, CO
This was the 3rd course I've taken and it did not disappoint! I look forward to my next one.
Yvonne from Denver, CO
Mike did an outstanding job!
Nancy from Littleton , Co
Great classes

Strength & Conditioning for Seniors 2022
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Thomas from ann arbor, MI
Guy, is very knowledgeable on his profession. Classes are never boring and approach is very refreshing. always enjoy his classes.
Denice from Phoenix, AZ
Looking forward to many more years of these great continued learning opportunities!
Mary Ann from Phoenix, AZ
Thank Guy for coming to the West Coast. Followed him intensely in 2019 when I worked at an Independent/Assisted/Memory care community in Sun City West and his material was so helpful
Deborah from Sierra vista, AZ
Class was amazing! I learned so much the instructor had my attention the entire time. Most enjoyed that I was able to apply what I learned with my students immediately. Waiting for next workshop!!! thank you
Gary from Peoria, AZ
Guy always does a great job with his presentations. Clear and concise with time to ask questions and get feedback. I recommended and brought two colleagues along from the community college fitness department staff.
aimee from scottsdale, az
I've attended a few of these Courses led by Guy Andrews who is remarkably knowledgeable and highly experienced. Mr. Andrews has fine-tuned the pace and timing of All Courses. The Storyteller in him is the perfect ingredient to engage and teach his students. Much gratitude for All Guy gives and does! And, thank you to Bunny for All her kindness, support, and guidance!
Vicki from Tucson, AZ
I really enjoyed this course. I am a physical therapist so I knew a lot of the information already. It was a good review, though, and I got some new exercise ideas. I will start using cups for balance training as well as more band exercises for core training. The QR codes were great, too.
Claudia from Phoenix, AZ
This was a great seminar/ presentation! Guy Andrews is very knowledgeable and an exceptional speaker. He keeps the material interesting and keeps your attention with also a bit of humor and personal experiences which enriched the presentation. It was also great to be able to practice some of the exercises that he thought. I would love if you had more "in person" events as it is great for learning vs just webinars where you get to only see still pictures of exercises and you don't see any movement. Which it is our trade.
Rebecca from Rochester, MN
Hands down one of the best Exercise Etc. workshops I have EVER taken! The instructor was terrific in Wisconsin!
Dorothy from Boynton Beach, Fl
Very professional, Fun, Entertaining! Kept us engaged.
Gina from Pleasant Prairie, WI
Excellent !!!!
Joanne from Madison, WI
At first, I was very disappointed that Guy was not coming. However, after the first session with Pete I knew we were in good hands. His passion for the content was genuine. He was approachable, pleasant and made the day fly. There is no way he can have Guy's life perspective and experiences, but he was a terrific trainer and did his absolute best -- which was outstanding. I would think we all left with valuable and applicable information.
Nicole from Reedsburg, WI
Very good program. Pete was very knowledgeable. Loved the movement patterns given and would love more. Thank you. Keep up the great work.
Nicole from Reedsburg, WI
Very good program. Pete was very knowledgeable. Loved the movement patterns given and would love more. Thank you. Keep up the great work.
Shannon from Blanchardville, WI
I really enjoyed this workshop. Looking forward to another one. Pete was very helpful.
Elizabeth from Northfield, IL
Not as great as Guy, but Pete was excellent
Elizabeth from Northfield, IL
Not as great as Guy, but Pete was excellent
Connie from Madison, WI
Peter was awesome and not a replacement for Guy. I thought I would be disappointed and was not. Very cool instructor: personable, knowledgeable, passion, funny, humble, good story teller, list goes on. I an a social worker and I felt much of the content was related to my other lisense. Well done, Peter's client's are lucky to have him.
Janis from Cedarburg, WI
Although we missed having Guy Andrews there, Pete did an outstanding job, was very informative, entertaining and educated us on a myriad of things. The pace was good and we even got done a little early.
Linda from New Berlin, WI
Pete was a sub and he did a great job!
Charmaine from Franklin, WI
Pete was a wonderful presenter! He kept information moving along with lots of interesting side stories that kept us engaged. It was a especially happy to hear of new studies going on in the field. Excellent workshop and worth my time being there!
Susanne from Milwaukee, WI
Linda from Libertyville, IL
Pete did an amazing job. He was friendly, courteous, humble and fun as we went through the material. I learned many new things, and "re-remembered" things that I once knew but had forgotten about. Thank you Pete! Happy healing to Guy!
Christiine from Milford, MA
Love Guy’s classes! Always current, fresh and practical!
Joseph from Delray Beach, FL
Pete has many little gifts wrapped up into one big gift. His knowledge and communication skills are great and he made it fun! Thank you!
Catherine from Boca Raton, Fl
Amazing ! Peter is extremely knowledgeable in the fitness arena. He was very informative and entertaining. He welcoming class room feedback and interaction
Michele from Boynton Beach , FL
This was one of the best workshops I have attended in a very long time. It is great to have live classes again!! Pete was great!
Maxine from Seaside Heights, NJ
always the best ! knowledgeable ..just wish we had more of the hands-on ..but COVId had to ruin that.. hopefully next time!
Valerie from Wall, NJ
I enjoyed the workshop. Guy is very knowledgable & interesting with his material he presented.
Mary-Lee from Ho Ho Kus, NJ
This was the second time that I took Guy's course. The first one provided me with so much knowledge that helped me to improve my "Arthritis, Balance and Fall Prevention" classes and I knew that this one would be equally as valuable. I was certainly not disappointed. He has so much experience improving the quality of life of seniors. His research on current studies dealing with the health and well-being of seniors is very impressive and much-appreciated. Guy is an excellent presenter, not a second goes by that he is not teaching and the humor included is just icing on the cake!
Hope from Wayne, NJ
Class was interesting and moved at a good pace despite it being the "post pandemic" way of minimal class participation. Class size was good too for interaction. Wish you could add a spring '23 seminar in Edison...Thanks Guy!
Helene from Edison , NJ
It was awesome! Guy is always very interesting and knowledgeable!
Marlon from Santa Clara , CA
Mike was amazing. Quite honestly, this live in-person session exceeded my expectations. The class size was perfect. Mike was engaging and presented at a reasonable pace. I liked how he navigated the "over-talkers" in the class. I appreciated Mike for staying after the session to share his knowledge with us. I am inspired to hit the ground with all the information I learned. I found all the exercises Mike shared during the session interesting; we can apply them to any group, not just seniors.
Rachelle from San Bruno, Ca
Love the value for the price. Appreciate all this company does. Thank you.
Terrence from Los Gatos , CA
Mike was awesome ! Can't wait for the next event held in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Patti from Decatur, GA
As always, this workshop was not only a bargain, but Guys’s engaging and entertaining presentation offered new ideas PLUS the QR tools to utilize following the workshop. Great ideas and inspiration all day. Thanks, and hopefully will be continuing!
Leslie from Alpharetta, GA
Guy is a very good speaker and makes the day go fast. He is extremely knowledgeable.
Kathy from Mabelton, GA
Always enjoy Guy's workshop. He's very knowledgable and I learn a lot to pass onto my clients.
Lisa from Marietta, GA
Guy Andrews is always a great instructor. I enjoy his classes and find them easy to follow as well.
Holly from Newnan, GA
I really enjoyed the workshop and found the materials presented very informative and helpful in teaching senior exercise classes.
Teresa C from Alcoa, TN
Guy is always a great presenter! It is definitely worth the travel time to attend these Live workshops. (I have been to several out of state.) Thank you so much!
Linda from Stone Mountain, GA
Guy is always an informative and motivational presenter, which is why I keep taking his courses and workshops.
Antoinette from Marietta, GA
Great to be live again and in Atlanta
Susan from Elk Grove Village, IL
As always, I look forward to and appreciate attending these educational classes instructed by Guy Andrews. I believe he is THE BEST in the industry. Guy combines knowledge and humor to create classes that stimulate my own creativity and inspire me to bring the best to the those individuals who look to me for guidance in their exercise programs.
Exercise Etc. is my choice for all of my CEC needs.
mariam from Falls Church, VA
Was so fun! Guy is so passionate about his clients. It was nice to see.
Sharon from Bolingbrook, IL
Guy is a very good and knowledgeable speaker. He stayed on track and answered all the questions. For my 1st live workshop since covid, it was handled well. I felt comfortable.
Donna from Palos Park, il
Guy A, was awesome as usual. HE is great, i like the smaller class size and love " social distance". i love Exercise E. thank you
Kelly from Saint Louis, MO
Another great seminar by Exercise Etc!
Siobhan from Hoffman Estates, IL
Guy Andrews is my favorite presenter for Senior fitness. Where I teach, I would not have access to the exercise bands he used for much of the workshop. I still got a lot out of the day but would love to get more ideas for a regular stretch band that is not anchored to a pole or door. Great job Guy, hope to see you in January!
Michelle from Geneva, IL
Awesome presenter! Lot's of useful information.
Amanda from West Chester, OH
I genuinely look forward to Guy's live workshops every year. SO informative, valuable, and taught incredibly well. Thanks so much!
jeanne from Portland, Or
This instructor is fabulous. I would recommend him anytime to any class format. he is knowledgeable, personable and was willing to offer suggestions and positive comments to all participants.
Aaron from COVINGTON, KY
I have participated in other workshops presented by Guy Andrews, he intermingles factual data with his training experiences which is very helpful. I am looking forward what he will be presenting in Cincinnati in the future.
Patricia from Mason, OH
I found this course very helpful even though I am doing mostly water at the present. The material presented can be altered to use in the aquatic environment. It was packed full of data I did not know and many things I am currently doing or have learned in the past and the refresher was much needed. Thanks for offering it .
Misty from Richmond Dale, Oh
I’ve taken several Exercise Etc courses and have always been very pleased with how informative they are. Guy Andrews is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and easy to follow. He clearly cares about who he is working with and what he is teaching as well as who he is teaching.
Everything was exactly as expected. Guy is a wealth of knowledge and he presented everything with enthusiasm and easy to understand demos. Give him a raise!
Rich H. from Maineville, Oh
Excellent Job!
Bonnie from Frankfort, KY
I take courses regularly and learn so much every time.
Patricia from Falls Church, VA
LOVED this workshop. I have already started implementing some of Guy's techniques with my clients. The suggestion to offer "balance training" to seniors instead of "fitness" or "exercise" (which they might resist, even if the content is the same) is brilliant -- I am planning to do this for my next cycle of offerings! And I'll definitely use more resistance bands and Solo cups! Thanks so much!
Ali from Anthem, AZ
The course was very well done. Nice to have an in-person workshop!
Aubrey from Woodbridge, VA
Great presentation! Guy always delivers the most relevant information for senior fitness. Thanks so much for his expertise.
Nancy from ATHENS, GA
Guy always does a great workshop
I am a military spouse and have lived all over the country and started going to continuing education classes with Guy as the instructor over 10 years ago and he is my absolute favorite! Guy, please don't ever stop! I always come away from your classes with so many new ideas, reinvigorated and energized. Thank you!! My clients thank you too:)
As always I enjoyed the execise etc classes.
Lynne from San Marcos, Te
I loved this! Guy gave so many examples and ideas for fun-ctional exercises!
Meghan from Scottsdale, AZ
Guy is so incredibly knowledgeable and such an inspiring professional. I am excited to attend more workshops with him this weekend.
Pattie from Highlands Ranch, CO
Guy is the Best! He makes 8 hrs of sitting on your butt bearable! Dont ever leave ExerciseEtc Guy, we love ya!
Patricia from Springfield, VA
EXCELLENT as always.........
Walter from Accokeek , Ma
Guy is great. He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and he explains it very well to us.
Patricia from Ocean City, MD
Guy never disappoints! His approach to seniors is respectful, encouraging, and fun.
roderick from Washington, DC
I am glad the venue was changed from Theodore Hagans Cultural Center to the Embassy Suites in Crystal City. As usual Guy was a good instructor.
Gina from Woodbridge, va
Awesome class. Thank you.
Paulette from BROOKLYN, NY
I enjoyed the workshops. Guys is a great and knowledgeable instructor. I always leave his workshops with great information. He keeps the class interesting especially when he tells us stories. Thank you Guy for another wonderful workshop.
Gina from New York, NY
Always interesting, motivating and soo many tips and new info! Guy Andrews is such a pro. I love the workshops, have attended for many years and hope to see more post pandemic!!
Susan from Ft. Myers, Fl
Very informative. Knowledgeable and fun instructor
Mike from Boise, id
Content improvement each time I attend, thank you
Anita from Staten Island, NY
Exercise Etc. offers reasonably priced, very informative workshops. Guy is well prepared, very knowledgeable and personable.
Maria from New York, NY
Guy is always wonderful. I always learn something new
PATRICIA from Long Beach, NY
Guy, the program was so informative and will help me enhance my programs with Seniors. The program flowed well and you kept me engage for the entire day. Thank you.
Elyse from Bellport, NY
I love Guy Andrews!!! He is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker and trainer. He is great with taking the course information and putting it into real life situations. It really makes the class so enjoyable. I definitely miss the class participation with equipment and working in groups to better understand some of the exercises but I understand we are still in a COVID world.
Carol from Plainview, NY
The course was great! It gave me many new ideas that I will implement with my clients. The instructor was engaging, and informative, as always. I always look forward to taking your in person classes because I get so much out of them. I never find them boring, and the info is always so relevant. Thank you ! See you again next time!
Samuel from Forest Hills, NY
Great course Guy! Learned a lot.
Andrea from Naples, FL
I really enjoy Guy Andrews... this is the 2nd time I've spend a whole day with him and I plan on spending many more!
Leigh from Bonita Springs, Fl
Loved all the information and allowing questions and giving answers. Lots of interaction with the group.
Frank from Vancouver, WA
Nicely taught! Excellent instructor. Engaging; balanced. thank you!
Sand from EUGENE, OR
Great class!
Valerie from Marco Island, FL
Guy did an EXCELLENT job! The entire presentation was well planned out, informative and fun.
Rustine from Naples, FL
Guy Andrews was outstanding! I appreciated his eloquence, his respect for the material and for our challenges instructing group fitness folks of various levels. The material was very well organized and paced. He ran a thoroughly professional program that remained tangent-free and war story free. I am so impressed by his knowledge, experience and presentation skills. I look forward to taking other classes with Guy. This was a great learning opportunity for me.
Susie from Lakewood Ranch, FL
Guy always does an outstanding job of explaining in a clear and understandable way. Keeps the class moving at a good pace . He is patient with the ‘one’ in every class and handles it all well. He is an interesting and entertaining educator. I’ve been taking classes from him for over 25 years ( including my first PT Ace exam prep course in 1996!) and he has yet to disappoint.
Virginia from Fort Myers, FL
Guy was excellent! He is extremely knowledgeable and always takes time to answer all questions. Thank you.
Mimi from Punta Gorda, FL
This very professional training was extremely relevant, and loaded with great and practical information. It is easy to see that Guy Andrews enjoys and values what he does. It was a treat learning from him. Thank you, Guy!
Silvia from Cape Coral , Fl
Pam from Bonita Springs, FL
Guy you are the best!
Angela from Naples, Fl
I absolutely loved watching the videos and being granted unlimited access to those videos after class. Best addition to Exercise Etc. I also enjoyed the new material and as always, Guy is a fabulous and knowledgeable instructor. So glad we're back to live classes.
Tricia from Port Charlotte, FL
I enjoyed this program and will return for more that Guy Andrew presents. It was great information and very helpful!
CYNTHIA from Cape Coral, FL
I've been an instructor for 43 years and have only liked a handful of presenters Guy Andrews will now be added to the list among Petra Colber and Kendal Hogan and my water instructor .
Linda from North Fort Myers, FL
The day flew by and it was well paced enough with breaks and lunch that we got out on time.
Toni Rae from FORT MYERS, FL
I have attended many live workshops presented by Mr. Guy Andrews and they have consistently been excellent. Thank you very much for your energy and terrific knowledge of Senior Fitness.
Carol from Putnam County , NY
I usually cannot keep my focus for such a long time but Guy was great. He is full of such great info!
Danette from Fort Myers, FL
Guy is a great presenter and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed my first live event with exercise etc and look forward to attending more in the future.
Nancy from Riverview, FL
Guy Andrews was a Fabulous Instructor, his Demonstrations of working with Senior Population was very informative. Explained everything we did and I would reccommend his course to my friends
Sharon from Sun City Center, FL
Guy Andrews, gave an Wonderful presentation and his demonstrations of movement for Seniors was spot on. I really enjoyed this workshop and Would rate the Instructor as Knowledgeable, He explained , and demonstrated , that we all could understand. 5 ****** Stars
karen from Valrico , Fl
An informative class! I loved it. The instructor was very knowledgeable
My 1st live workshop in 2 years. Its was great!!
John from Treasure Island , FL
Guy’s presentation was understandable at a good pace to take in a lot of information. The information was useful and relevant to training the senior population. As a senior, I particularly enjoy Guy’s conferences because there is no concern of being subjected to ageism. Thank you, Guy, for a well spent Saturday.
Leslie from Treasure Island , FL
Guy did not disappoint as always. He is friendly, knowledgeable and entertaining. I always learn so much when attending his conferences and am so glad to see him back after our two year covid break.
Joseph M from West Palm Beach, FL
Guy...is a great seminar instructor.
Kathleen from Houston, TX
I can use the information from this course for my classes.
Kathleen from Houston, TX
very informative lecture and visual presentation
Roy from Richmond, TX
mark from Conroe, TX
Guy is always enthusiastic and a gentleman.
Kim from Houston, TX
I love this presenter and would be happy to attend all of his continuing ed seminars. He is an asset to your company and a treasure.
Carrie from Katy, TX
Always enjoy these workshops! I stepped away from management and now I can get back into learning what I want to learn!! Thank you
Elaine from The Woodlands, TX
Excellent update on senior fitness!!
Julie from Katy, TX
The seminar material was informative, and Guy was engaging. I enjoyed it! I'm a certified yoga instructor and teach both in group and private settings to mostly seniors of varying physical abilities. I intend to find ways to integrate some of these movements (or variations of them) into my offerings. I also plan to use the information in my personal exercise routine. Thank you!
Steele from Houston, TX
Guy continues to be at the very top of his game! What a pleasure to have him back in Houston with fascinating new material! Already looking forward to the next workshop.
Birgitt from Houston, Tx
I Love Guy! he is super creative great energy and a genuinely caring person! thank you for the live workshop it is needed in our industry!
Jennifer from Boston, MA
Thank you for the great course. I think you did a wonderful job managing everything and keeping us all social distanced. I appreciated the set up of the room and your willingness to be open to helping our class network etc.
Jennifer from Boston, MA
Thank you for the great course. I think you did a wonderful job managing everything and keeping us all social distanced. I appreciated the set up of the room and your willingness to be open to helping our class network etc.
Kat from New York, NY
Thanks for coming to educate us!
Kat from New York, NY
Thanks for coming to educate us!
Guy Andrews is always a great presenter. His knowledge and passion shine in his workshops.
Deborah from Yonkers, Ne
Always a pleasure attending Guy Andrew's classes!
Tennille from Bronx, NY
Phenomenal class. Informative and professional.
Brett from New York, NY
I thought Guy was a fabulous instructor who presented fresh ideas with expansive knowledge in the field!
Vivian from New York, NY
As always Guy is a professional, because of COVID he created videos to show demonstrations of the exercises and it was totally great. I always learn new ways of working with clients and will definitely return for more sessions. A great way to get my CEC's. Thank you Guy
Elizabeth from Rockport, MA
I can't say enough good things about Guy Andrews. I have taken many trainings and certifications over the years. Guy's are the best. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable and presents with high energy. He speaks clearly, takes time to answer questions and his demonstrations are always remarkable, helping me remember the material covered for years afterward. This workshop in particular, despite the pandemic protocols, was spectacular. All the new science incorporated into the four courses really helps me believe that what I do for a living, bringing tailored fitness to older adults, is very real and worth it. And my seniors love when I come back to my classes with new exercises and information for them. Thank you!
Laurie from Plainview, NY
Always a pleasure to attend Guy’s classes…he is so knowledgeable, totally approachable & entertaining…I always feel like I’ve come away with additional knowledge
Patty from Sherrills Ford , NC
Guy is an excellent presenter. Covers lots of material and keeps it interesting.
Wendy from Sun City, AZ
Great to be back in person!
Lolita from New York, NY
I was so elated being in a live workshop again and having Guy expound on the latest fitness training for Older Adults....
Terry from Phoenix , AZ
Mike Deibler did an amazing job teaching his material and he made it fun, interesting and informative. I always learn something that I can take away and use with my clients. It's so nice to see the Live workshops return. Thank you.
Joan from Voorhees, NJ
I was very impressed with this course and Guy Andrews is an excellent Presenter. Extremely Knowledgeable, Open to questions, great sense of humor , Location was great. Very glad I attended.
James from Great Neck, NY
The instructor was interesting knowledgable and energetic. No complaints at all. Looking forward to another seminar.
Rhonda from Bayside, NY
So good to be back in person!!!! Not only are the workshops informative, but this workshop was so relevant to what has happened to fitness this past year and how we all need to reimagine how we train our clients. It was just what I needed to reaffirm what I do and refresh my approach. Thank you so much. Hope to see you in February.
Tennille from Bronx, NY
Phenomenal and very informative!
Joseph from Brooklyn, NY
The program was excellent! Guy did a fantastic job for all modules in a post-COVID-19 environment.
Dolores from Yorktown Heights, NY
I have been in the fitness industry 34 years - It was amazing how much I learned from this workshop - Guy was so knowledgeable. It has been almost two years since I was at a LIVE workshop - Guy was so very entertaining-I think everyone enjoyed being together with him - I know I did.
kirk from Brooklyn , Ny
Guy, as usual is an awesome and knowledgeable instructor. He has command of the material and I look forward to his next live workshop.
Lisa M from New Rochelle, NY
Guy was awesome as always! So glad you guys are back in person!!!
Catherine from NYC, NY
Im so grateful for LIVE WORKSHOP. It makes a big difference on how I learn. I was able to pay FULL attention the whole time. I knew people attending workshop. That was so nice to connect in person. Cathy Lloyd
Nancy from New York, NY
I have participated in Guy Andrew's workshops for many years. He is knowledgeable, entertaining and provides useable information.
Anthony from Bronx, Ny
Guy Andrew is a educator in the health field and makes you want to be knowledgeable in your field.
Eugenia from Neew York, NY
This was a fantastic workshop. Great reminders and lots of new information to be aware of and most of all pass on to clients!!
John from New York, NY
Guy was great; friendly, professional & no nonsense!
Denise from Andover, MA
Guy is an excellent presenter, engaging, interesting and easy to understand/follow. This new approach to comply with COVID regulations was actually easier for me. I found that it was less distracting when we did not break up into groups or with a partner, and instead did things individually in or near our seats from time to time. It saved time and allowed for more focus on the content.
Stephen from Needham, Ma
Program was outstanding!!!
Lecia from Waltham, MA
Guy is an excellent teacher, full of practical and scientific knowledge and maximizes the course time with relevant, applicable information. Great seminar!
Cathy from Arlington, Ma
As usual, Guy did a great job. I really like the way the exercises have the code that I scan for future reference. Thank you for a very productive day.
Brenda from Weymouth , MA
This course was well organized, and full of excellent, accessible, useful practical material and information. Because of the whole-day format, there was no repetition, and the instructor was able to chain concepts and ideas better than if the material had been chopped up. The inclusion of the video clips was brilliant.
susan from North Providence, RI
Andrea from Milford, MA
I have been attending these workshops with Guy for decades, and he never disappoints! To keep an all-day workshop interesting is no small feat, but he manages to do it every time and I walk away so inspired. A+++
Jenn from Nashua, NH
It is always a pleasure to learn from Guy.
Adam from Attleboro, MA
I always enjoy attending seminars taught by Guy Andrews. Great speaker, he keeps the class interesting. Thank you for providing quality continuing education at a great price!
Socorro from Tamarac, FL
Great Seminar as usual!
Alessandra from Boca Raton, FL
It was great feeling to be back in person ! Guy is a great teacher and he was able to make very interesting and secure for everybody!
Betty from Palm Springs, FL
Mr. Guy Andrews is one of the best presenters I have ever met. His professionalism and ability to convey his knowledge to the group is excellent.
brian from Palm Beach Gardens, FL
This workshop was great !
Ellen from Jacksonville, FL
Excellent class! very informative and interesting!
Alice from Sarasota, FL
This was perhaps one of the best courses I have taken. The instructor was knowledgeable, interesting, kept to the schedule and entertaining. Highly recommend.
Mary from Miami, Fl
I am so glad you guys are back with the live workshops … keep up the impecable work .. Always looking forward taking the courses with you Guy …you are the “ best “ in the business
Joseph M. from West Palm Beach, FL
Guy...it a great speaker and cares about everyone in the class!!!!
Derek from FTL, FL
Guy was great as usual! I have been attending his workshops for 5 years and highly recommend ETC's continuing education programs.
Kathleen from Alexandria, Vi
Class was well presented and instructor well informed.
Nikki from Sacramento, CA
Mike always does a wonderful job in these classes. As always the class had solid information and was well paced. Thank you for bringing these corses to the west coast.
Marsha from Washington, DC
Guy’s program and presentation were excellent! Thank you for making it well worth the time spent.
LaShaun from Washington, dc
Love it!
patricia from springfield, va
Guy Andrews brings current information that is well presented and useful to implement immediately. Guy uses his experience and techniques clearly with tips on obtaining resources on a tight budget. Guy also uses real scenarios with his clients with sometimes funny but always heart warming. It is always a well spent day to be a participant in Guys classes.
Phyllis from Mitchellville, MD
The presentation and the presenter, Guy, were extraordinary. The material was relevant and reinforced processes and programming that I am currently applying with my clients. Also, there were lots of information and specific areas in which I acquired new knowledge such as certain joint movement, muscle recruitment, application of implements, etc., in this arena of training the older/senior adult. I would support this workshop as being a two-day event, which could allow for more hands on time for some of the exercises and movements and because there was a plethora of incredible and pertinent information imparted to the group.
Monica from Petaluma, CA
This workshop met and exceeded all of my expectations and needs. Mike was a great presenter and I appreciated his patience in answering questions and subtle comic references.
Marlyss from Aptos, CA
Mike was excellent - knowledgeable, engaging, funny.
Cynthia from San Rafael, CA
Really enjoyed the instructor and the materials. I also appreciated the support and clear communication from Exercise Etc. I felt I was in good hands.
Tiffani from Upper Marlboro, MD
Guy is very knowledgeable and able to explain the information with ease. I learned more than expected and look forward to applying some of the techniques shared with my seniors.
Gail from Baltimore, MD
Excellent program! Guy was amazing - high interest, what I was expecting, and personable. Looking forward to another program next summer/fall.
Robin from Swan Point, MD
I was very impressed with Guy Andrews, a tremendous instructor, in addition to the course material which was well designed and presented.
Christopher from Alexandria , Va
Guy’s course was a complete, comprehensive, and reinvigorating class. I left feeling prepared and inspired, to adequately service all of my seniors.
Jane from Fairfax, VA
Guy Andrews gave a very informed presentation on strength and conditioning training for seniors. I especially enjoyed learning how to do the core exercises and that by using my phone, I will be able to see the examples in order to refresh my memory. Love that!
Deb from NUNICA, mi
Awesome and informative with easy to follow instructions!
Lisa from West Bloomfield, MI
I have been attending Exercise ETC workshops for 25 years. The information is always current, the speakers are always knowledgable & interesting. I can't say enough positive comments about Exercise ETC. Thank you for all that you do.
Barbara from Washington, MI
Guy is always so knowledgeable - super great day !
Daphne from Detroit, Mi
Love the new format with QR codes.
Margaret from Royal Oak, MI
Guy always does an amazing job presenting! Thanks for sharing this information.
Pamela from Rochester Hills, MI
This workshop was excellent. The updated research supporting the 4 modules was expertly introduced into the curriculum, The pace of the classes was great! The speaker was very informed, easy to understand and highly qualified to present this material. He was an outstanding speaker. Safety protocols were important to me and I appreciated the accommodations made for Covid-19 safety. Well done by all! I've attended several of these Exercise Etc workshops and this one didn't disappoint! Thank you for coming to the Detroit area.
Valerie from Milford, MI
I thought that Guy was very knowledgeable and treated all of us respectfully. He answer all questions and made sure he asked if we had questions. I even got some relief from a nagging ache in my hips learning a new stretch and will definitely share that with my students. I am primarily a water instructor but learned many things I can incorporate into my classes. Thanks for a great experience, my first live experience at an Exercise Etc. Event. Will look forward to others in the future.
Valerie from Milford, MI
I thought that Guy was very knowledgeable and treated all of us respectfully. He answer all questions and made sure he asked if we had questions. I even got some relief from a nagging ache in my hips learning a new stretch and will definitely share that with my students. I am primarily a water instructor but learned many things I can incorporate into my classes. Thanks for a great experience, my first live experience at an Exercise Etc. Event. Will look forward to others in the future.
Tamara from Macomb, MI
I would give Guy all 10s if I could! Great course material and great presentation!!
beth from ann arbor, mi
Another great presentation !! Guy is consistantly on top of his game as he has been throughout his 30 year career with Exercise ETC. ( plus he never ages ) Thank you for all the hard work you do .
beth from ann arbor, mi
Can't give Guy enough thanks for all the energy and effort he puts into every presentation. Congratulations on 30 years of excellence. ! BRAVO
beth from ann arbor, mi
Guy always delivers the best presentations and never disappoints.
Patty from englewood, co
Thanks Guy!
Joe from Denver, CO
Guy Andrews is great. I always enjoy his programs.
Bob from Aurora, CO
well organized and extremely valuable information, presented in Guy's usual easy and easy to follow format. The videos embedded in the contact is an outstanding idea. Great show, I will keep coming back for classes in the future.
Nicky from Highlands Ranch, CO
A wonderful workshop. Well done! I will use some of the ideas for my therapeutic recreation clients as well as those attending my senior fitness class.
Sarah from Aurora, CO
Updated content was great
Jeanne C from Centennial, CO
I would add a Plus to each of the above. Guy always delivers more than expected. Thank you so much for continuing to do this for us!
Indea from Boulder, CO
Thanks again, Guy! Loved the presentation and took away lots of ideas for my senior clients... as always! See you next time!
Linda from Aurora, CO
Guy Andrews is a gem. This course not only taught me a lot of new things but confirmed the validity of what I had been doing with Senior Exercisers for the past 20 years. The research information was fascinating.
Thomas from Newton, NJ
Guy Andrews did a great job as usual with the live training. Strength & Conditioning for Seniors. He is very knowledgeable in the fitness industry. Also, he makes the live trainings a lot of fun.
Maureen from BAINBRIDGE IS, WA
Love Steve he's the best!!!
Cora from New Providence , NJ
Very informative!
Richard from Rockaway, NJ
Always a great presenter.
Mary-Lee from Ho Ho Kus, NJ
The instructor was so experienced and informative, able to answer all questions. It was great to have access to the Qcodes to refer to the movements demonstrated during the course. It makes the course so much more valuable as it's difficult to remember everything that was covered. Enjoyed it very much and feel that it will help me to improve the health and well-being of my seniors. Thank you.
Sharon from Ringoes, NJ
Tons of immediately useable practical information. Great workshop!
bob from ewing, nj
Always great to hear Guy. The only other comment is I would have had a section on hamstrings which are important. Also, for some reason, the QR code is not working with my phone. I'll try and look on the internet to see how that works.
Thomas from Edison, NJ
Guy Andrews has phenomenal recall, remembers several names from previous classes. As always I come away with several takeaways that I can use immediately.
Irene from Waldwick, NJ
I was completely impressed! The information was new and different than other programs. I could tell a lot of work was put into this program. I also really appreciated the COVID precautions like the videos and the chairs being spaced apart.
Anne from Marina Del Rey, CA, CA
I've been taking workshops from Exercise, Etc. since 2005. All the instructors are amazing! I know I can count on Exercise, Etc. to keep me informed on all the latest science and happenings in the world of fitness. They are a very credible company. The classes are always fun!
Karla from Seattle, Wa
Always appreciate Steve's enthusiasm and knowledge. Helps reinvigorate my enthusiasm for what I have been doing for almost 40 years!
Teri J from Cedarville, Oh
Guy is OUTSTANDING! I always enjoy his workshops, demonstrations and presentations!
Richard from Lake Zurich , Il
Great 1st exposure to a in person seminar. Very conveniently located, great pricing & material was presented in a structured way that each segment built upon the previous one.
Rich from Maineville, Oh
Guy Andrews: Always Excellent, Safe, and Enjoyable!
Susan from Dayton, Oh
Great time learned a lot.
Charles from West Chester, Oh
Excellent class ,content & presentation was an awesome program
Rhonda from Lebanon, OH
Guy is a knowledgeable presenter. Objective and Information that can be utilized immediately.
Jacklyn from West Chester, OH
As always, professional and engaging. Thank you!
Jean from Louisville, KY
The demonstrations were spot on, allowing me to see exactly how an exercise should be performed, as well as the appropriate progressions from deconditioned seniors through to advanced levels of fitness. I really liked seeing the different videos of senior groups engaged in the various exercises. I also appreciate how I will be able to see the videos again as a reference. Thanks Guy for an informative and interesting presentation.
Lu-Etta from Loveland, Oh
Loved being back in class with Guy Andrews. He is very knowledgeable and has a sense of humor to get the class laughing. Thanks for coming back to Cincinnati!
Sandra from Wenatchee, WA
Steve always makes the sessions fun and interesting. The time goes by very fast. I thought he did especially well with the illustrations and keeping folks engaged even though we couldn't practice together under the current restrictions.
Alberto from Seattle , WA
Steve was excellent well organize professional and fun hope he come back to Seattle soon! I truly enjoy the seminar thank you so much ! till next time !
Diane from Shoreline, WA
Steve Bannerot was an absolutely fantastic speaker and instructor! He was clear, concise, gave great recommendations, was an attentive listener and provided wonderful feedback and insights. I would definitely take another seminar from him. He is so very "user friendly" and has a great sense of humor. He is confident and seems to really love teaching! Thank you !! ~ Diane
Lou from Lombard, IL
I've already used some of the course content in my Active Older Adult classes as well as personal training. I do wish we'd been able to participate more versus passively experience the course matter. Very valid conference
Linda from Palatine , Il
Guy is an exceptional instructor. I always learn so much from him.
Sharon from Chicago, IL
Thanks Guy! Always a motivating seminar!
Michael from Park Ridge, IL
I've been coming to these seminars for 20 years and they never fail to inform, teach and impart very good knowledge. The instructors are always top notch. I am always impressed with how much they know and the skill they have in making it interesting and even fun.
Kevin from Elk Grove Village, Il
Cynthia from Itasca, IL
Guy is an interesting and engaging teacher. this particular seminar seemed to have a lot more audience questions and participation than i have experienced in the past. I would recommend these in-person seminars to anyone interested in Senior Fitness and Wellness.
Leslee from Lincolnwood, IL
Fantastic program and presenter!
Peggy from Prospect heights, IL
Guy is awesome
Jennifer from Bolingbrook, IL
I have been attending CEC classes since I became ACE certified in Group Fitness Instruction in 2005. Guy Andrews is by far my FAVORITE instructor. I have become a regular student of his classes, and I make sure not to miss any of his classes, here in Arlington Heights, IL. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, easy-going, logical, creative and fun. I would highly recommend him. I have an interest in teaching senior fitness classes in the future, (I am working as a licensed physical therapist assistant currently), and he has been a great mentor to follow. Thanks, Guy!
Lots of good info that I can apply to working with a range of adult clients. Data and reference sources are current and reliable.
Peggy from Lockport, IL
The class was interesting,fun and most of all informative. Instructor was interesting and knowledgeable. Would definitely take another class.
Britt from Burbank, CA
Mike Deibler is just the best! I always walk away from his instruction knowing way more than when I walked in. He is a wealth of experience and knowledge. Looking forward to the next workshop!
sharmone from torrance, ca
Excellent information and presentation. Everything is very relevant to what I do in the field. I teach Chair Yoga and fitness to seniors as well as Mental Fitness.
Paula from Redondo Beach , Ca
Great program, the teacher was very good. He explained everything very well. I really enjoyed the seminar.
Lorraine from Pineville, NC
The information was very helpful to keeping my training fresh. It was a delight to have this in-person class. I get so much more out of this training. It also gives the attendees an opportunity to exchange information.
Sherry from Ventura, CA
Really enjoyed Mike's presentation. Will definitely go to another. I'm hooked.
Dale from Torrance, CA
Mike is an excellent presenter, setting the perfect pace and answering all questions. He maintains professionalism throughout his presentations. It is always a pleasure to learn from him.
Ely from Studio City, CA
The instructor provided a safe and effective class. The videos were outstanding.
Pattie from Charlotte , NC
Excellent instructor, easy to understand and was able to incorporate routines in my classes. Thank you for sharing your valuable information.
Pattie from Charlotte , NC
Excellent instructor, easy to understand and was able to incorporate routines in my classes. Thank you for sharing your valuable information.
Margaret from Southport, NC
I always enjoy your live classes. You do a great job.
Denise from Greensboro , NC
Always a pleasure to spend the day with Guy and his tremendous enthusiasm and energy. His workshops are informative and inspiring.
Sylvia from Rock Hill, SC
Guy Andrews is knowledgeable and presents the workshop in an enjoyable manner. He makes it fun and the demonstrations are easy to understand. He answers all questions and takes time to talk to attendees between sessions and after the workshop. He remembers attendees names from previous sessions and assures them of any problems with registration. He speaks highly of his own clients and shares heartwarming stories about them. Locations are great and comfortable. This was the third year I have had the opportunity to attend.
Shawn from Clover, SC
I look forward to this workshop every year!!! I learn so much and get so many great ideas for helping seniors improve their fitness. Please don't stop coming to Charlotte!!!
Robert from Chapel Hill, NC
Loved all the new info and enjoyed Guys classes
Beth from Waxhaw, NC
Always look forward to Guy's workshops! I find the material very relevant and based in science. it's information I can use immediately with clients. Plus, I always learn something new. It was so nice to resume a live workshop after Covid!